Zero Water Filter Review

Today we present a comprehensive and in-depth Zero Water Filter Review. If you’re looking for a water purification system that’s effective, high performing, and affordable, Zero Water Filter has got you covered.

These filters remove chlorine, unwanted minerals, and lead from the water. They also improve the taste of water without introducing undesirable flavors.  The Zero filter comes with a TDS meter that allows you to measure the Total Dissolved Solids in your water.

Zero Water Filter is among the best water filter pitcher that we highly recommend. It doesn’t occupy much space and delivers the purest form of water than its competitors.

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In Summary

The Zero Water Filters removes all contaminants in your drinking water including total dissolved solids (TDS). Further, the NSF has certified and approved the filter’s ability to reduce lead and chromium. Most pitchers on the same category will not remove TDS from water. However, some customers complain that zero filters aren’t durable and the replacement cost is costly. Overall, most people are pleased with the effectiveness and quality performance of the Zero Water Pitchers.

Zero Water Filter Features

5-Stage Filtration Process

Unlike PUR and Brita that have only 2 water purification stages, Zero filters boost of a 5 stage purification process.

These stages include:

Step 1: Course Filter Screen- the removal of all suspended solids like rust or dust that make water cloudy.

Step 2: Foam Distributor. During this stage, the removal of all the remaining suspended solids from stage 2 occurs.

Step 3:  Activated Carbon and Oxidation Reduction. Removes all organic pollutants like herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine. The removal of heavy metals like mercury occurs. It also inhibits bacterial growth.

 Step 4: Ion Exchange Resin. Removal of All radiological contaminants and organic compounds like metals and non-metals.

Step 5: Ultra-Fine Screen and Non-Woven Membrane. Eliminates all the remaining suspended solids, traps any other remaining contaminant to ensure only clean water passes through the membrane. In this stage, the resin is held in place.

BPA Free Plastic

All Zero filters feature are BPA free plastic components. This means that these filters are safe for storing your drinking water, so you get to drink it later. The refillable bottles that come with the filters are also BPA free. This gives users peace of mind to know that they are drinking from safe containers.

Removes TDS from Drinking Water

Zero water filters removes all contaminants that might be present in water. They also eliminate TDS, leaving the water safe for consumption.

The manufactures of Zero filters include a TDS meter in the delivered package to allow you test the TDS levels in your water. However, after using Zero, the TDS meter should read 000. This is impressive since the only system that was known to remove TDS was a reverse osmosis system.

Why choose Zero Water Filter?

There are many reasons as to why we can encourage you to choose a zero filter.

For starters, zero filters have the ability to remove a wide range of contaminants including TDS. A TDS meter is included in the packaging to allow you determine whether the manufactures claims of TDS removal are true.

The manufacturers of zero filters strive to reduce the environmental consequences of their filters. They do so by engaging their customers in a recycling and rebate program. As a result, all zero filters are recycled and recharged. Therefore, no single filter is thrown in the landfill.

Another thing that might make you consider choosing zero is that you don’t need to wash or presoak the filters before you can use them. Presoaking is must before use for most filters on the same category and other leading brands.

A wide range of filters to choose. Zero filters are available in 10 different pitcher types and the dispenser types are three. Therefore, you have an array of choices to pick and we’re sure you’ll find your perfect choice among the many types. The system have a capacity range of 6 to 40 cups

Things You Might Not Like About Zero Water Filter

Some customers have complained about the filter’s short life span. However, the durability of the filter depends on TDS concentration in your water. If the water has high TDS levels, the filters are likely to over work, which means you’ll need to replace them frequently.

On top of that, if you’re dealing with highly contaminated water, then the zero filter is not the ideal choice. A water level above 250 TDS can reduce the effectiveness of the filter, forcing you to replace quickly.

How Long Do Zero Water Filters Last?

Zero Water filters can last for 3-5 months. The short lifespan is because these filters are very effective and can deteriorate fast especially if the water being purified has high levels of TDS. This makes the cost of using Zero filters shoot up because of frequent filter replacement.

In my honest assessment, I think, if you have high TDS concentration in your water don’t use Zero filters. Anything above 400 parts per million will mean frequent filter replacement and its costly. However, if cost is not an issue for you and you are only interested in the most effective way to remove contaminants from your water. Zero filters would be the best choice.

Maintenance and Filter Replacement

Each zero filter has a lifespan of about 40 gallons. However, depending on the level of your water contamination and TDS levels, filter replacement can be more or less. Of course, if your water is heavily contaminated, you might need more filter replacement.

Is Zero Water Filter Better Than Brita?

Yes, Zero filter is much better than Brita. Brita doesn’t remove lead from water. Zero on the hand, removes most heavy metals including lead plus a range of many other contaminants. But, if Zero is more effective than Brita, you might ask, why is Brita more popular than Zero? Well, Brita produces the cheapest and fastest filters that also remove chlorine effectively.

Other than that, zero filters feature 5-stage filtration process to remove even the most difficult contaminants.

Types Of Zero Filters

Zero filters are available in 10 different types. They range from 6-40 cups. You can find them in the following link:

Zero Filters On Amazon

Here Are Visual Images of Some Zero Filters

ZeroWater ZP-006-4, 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Check Price On Amazon

ZeroWater 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Check Price On Amazon

ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher 

Check Price On Amazon

Zero Water, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher 

Check Price On Amazon

So, Do I Recommend The Zero Water Filter?

The truth is yes! I totally endorse this high performing filtration system. High TDS levels in water can alter the flavor, color, smell, or even taste of the water. Filtering drinking water can greatly improve the overall health.

Zero filters also eliminate so many contaminants present in water, preventing you from ingesting things that might affect your health.

These filters are also NSF certified to remove chlorine, chromium, lead, and mercury.



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