Why Is My Water Yellow? (4 Shocking Revelations)

Why is my water yellow? This question runs in the minds of most people. After all, there has been several incidences of water contamination in the recent past.Why Is My Water Yellow

Most people have become more cautious and keen with their water. It’s common to notice cloudy water, brown water, white water, sulfur smell, bleach smell, or even a sweet taste in your water. What about yellow water?

Well, the yellow tint in water is because of rust. Most water systems have small levels of iron and oxygen, when these two mix they trigger the yellow color in water. Other causes for the yellow water are repairs or flushing of the water utility, organic material or presence of iron bacteria in well water.

Details: Why Is My Water Yellow

First Things Fast!

So many factors can cause the yellow color in water. So, it’s prudent to have the water tested to know exactly which contaminant you’re eliminating. Checkout this article for the best Water Test Kit.

Presence of Iron Bacteria

This type of bacteria mostly occurs in well water. What happens is that bacteria reacts with manganese, iron, and oxygen to form rust deposits that cause the yellow water in your private well.

Although the iron bacteria in well water is not life threatening, they can create conducive environment for other organisms that are harmful to health. These bacteria can also cause clogging and negatively affect the well’s ability to produce more water.

Ensure your own safety by having the water tested for coliform or nitrate bacteria.

Repairs by the Water Utility Company

The water company is likely to conduct regular repairs of the water distribution system. During this time, you might notice yellow water coming from your tap. Most of these repairs happen upstream, so it’s easy for rust and other contaminants to find their way into your home water supply.

Organic Material

Tannins cause the yellow color in water. Although they don’t bring any health risks, its good to use water that is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, you need to improve the quality of the water by eliminating the tannins.

The Buildup of Iron and Manganese Can Cause Yellow Water.

You’ll find Iron and Manganese in wells and they are the main culprit when well water turns yellow. These elements don’t cause any negative health effect. In fact, Iron and Manganese are essential elements needed by the body. However, you need to take necessary actions to enhance the color, smell, and taste of your drinking water.

Why is my water yellow all of a sudden?

If you notice a sudden yellow color in your water, it could be the water company routinely maintenance. The company flushes the water lines by adding water pressure to rid contaminants that might be stuck on pipes.

During this process, rust present in pipes can loosen up and mix with the water. That’s when you’ll notice the yellow color in tap water. This situation is temporary, and the water should return to normal after the flushing process is complete.

However, if you don’t see any improvement consult your plumber, there could be another serious underlying issue. The other issues we’ve discussed above can also cause a sudden change of water color to yellow.

Is yellow tap water safe to drink?

No, it’s not safe to drink the yellow water. Unless you’ve the water tasted, You don’t know the content or the contaminants present in that water. To remain safe, avoid drinking that water. Have the water tested first, then take appropriate actions to improve the quality of the water.

Is Yellow Water Safe To Shower?

I would say yes, but only if the water has iron. Low Iron levels have no serious effect on health. But, it’s important to have the water tasted. As we’ve mentioned the yellow color in water has many causes and through testing we can distinguish the contaminants in the water.

Exposure to water that has excessive mineral content can cause dry hair and problems with the skin. A person may also experience itchy scalp. So, it’s important to treat the water and eliminate the high mineral content before bathing with the yellow water.

How To Fix Yellow Tap Water

There’re several things you can do to fix the yellow tap water menace. We’ll discuss them below:

Establish the Source

Are you using a private well or depend on city municipality? If you use the municipal water, you can choose to install a filter.  Alternatively, if it’s well water let a professional assess and test for all contaminants. You can also consult a certified plumber to remove and replace all the affected pipes.

For private well testing, the EPA recommends testing for water hardness, presence of manganese, iron, sulphate, and chloride. You should conduct these tests after every three years. However, if you notice sudden changes in color, smell, and taste contact the county health department or Check EPA suggestions

Regular Maintenance

Ensure you conduct regular maintenance by replacing filters on time and cleaning them properly. Ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and always consult an expert to inspect your water system yearly.

 Professional Water Testing

Have your drinking water tested professionally. This way, you’ll know the best approach to take. The removal of the different contaminants in water may require different approaches. Get to know which contaminant you’re fighting, before thinking of the best treatment approach.

Install a whole House Water Filter.

Whole house filters help to purify water by removing all contaminants, bad odors, unpleasant tastes and restore the color of the water. Hence, you get to enjoy fresh tasting water.

An activated carbon filter is also another choice worth considering in eliminating the yellow color in water. You can also choose a faucet filter. These are affordable yet effective at reducing or completely removing most common contaminants. They also enhance the taste and color of water.


Why Is My Water Yellow? well, we’ve established a number of reasons why your water might be yellow. presence of iron bacteria , organic matter, and many others as we’ve discussed above can cause the water yellow.

However, Water discoloration does not necessarily mean the water is unsafe. However, it’s important to investigate any changes you see in your water be it color, taste, or smell and take appropriate steps. Therefore, send a sample of the water to a certified laboratory or get a test kit and test the water for various contaminants.



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