Why Does Black Water Come Out of Faucet?

There is nothing more disturbing than seeing black water coming out of your faucet. Why Does Black Water Come Out Of Faucet

So many questions can run through your mind. Hence, we are here to help you answer all the questions you might have about black water from your faucet.

So, Why Does Black Water Come Out Of Faucet?

Black Water Comes out Of the Faucet because of the accumulation of Minerals like manganese and iron.

Other factors that can cause black water include pipe degradation, resin beads, and excess algae. Let’s discuss these causes in more detail.

Accumulation of Manganese and Iron

Manganese occurs naturally in water. If it mixes with oxygen, it makes the water turn black.

Therefore, anytime you see black water coming from taps, you most probably are dealing with excess manganese or iron. Nevertheless, these minerals are harmless.

But, am sure you’ll want them to disappear as they make your water unsightly. We’ll talk about solutions or what you can do to get rid of the minerals later on in the article.

Resin Beads

Another factor that might contribute to the black water from the faucet is the resin beads from the water softener.

These beads are black in color. Therefore, if the water softener breaks down, the resin beads are likely to get into the softening unit and into the water, hence, the black water.

Pipe Degradation

Other, than that, pipe degradation can also cause black water to come out of the faucet.

If your home’s piping is done using steel or galvanized material, it could be that they’re degrading and leaching into the water causing the back color you’re seeing.

Accumulation of Sand or Silt

Another reason that can cause the black water coming from your tap is sand or silt accumulation.

People who depend on private wells as their main source of water have reported this issue. Although this water is safe for consumption, its unattractive.

Other than that, the sand particles can destroy your well pump and other water appliances like dishwashers. The best solutions would be to:

  • If the well is new, Allow water to run from the faucet for some days
  • Replace or install a new screen
  • Install a linear

Issues with the Water Heater

If you notice black water coming from the hot water tubs in your kitchen or shower, the heater has an issue.

It’s possible the heater is corroded or the fixtures supplying water to the heater are also corroded. Therefore, it’s important to call a plumber to check and fix the issue.

The following video shows other reasons that could cause the black water.

Is Manganese Harmful? Is Black Water Harmful?

Manganese is an important nutrient and taking small amounts of it on a daily basis is good for human health. However, if taken in excess, manganese can cause severe health problems.

For instance, exposure to high level of manganese is associated with problems with the nervous system. This can cause behavioral changes and issues with limb movement.

Other than that, long exposure to manganese can cause problems with motor skills, attention, and memory.

On top of that, research shows that children’s exposure to excess manganese causes issues with brain development and can affect the child’s ability to remember things or learn.

Infants under one year old can develop behavior or learning problems if exposed to drinking water with excess manganese.

Other than affecting human health, excess manganese in water can cause scaling on plumbing, stain laundry, and make the look, smell, and taste of water unpleasant.

In addition, manganese can cause black stains on the bathtub, sink, shower, or toilet.

How Can You Protect Yourself And Family From The Black Water?

If you see black specks in water, it definitely means something is wrong somewhere.

Therefore, identifying the primary source of the issue is crucial to fixing it; thus, restore the normal supply of clean and healthy water.

The best way of protecting your family from unsafe or black water is to have the water tested. Hence, you get to understand the level of manganese in your water.

You can use water-testing kits or send a sample of your water to an accredited laboratory.

A safe manganese level is 300 parts per million for everyone over the age of 2 years. However, for infants, a safe manganese level is below 100 ppm.

On top of that, if you own a private well and it’s your main source of water, it’s good to have the well tested for manganese. You’re responsible for ensuring you’re well water is safe. Hence, you need to test the water regularly.

On the other hand, if you depend on the municipal water system you can contact your water supplier.

Find out whether they test the water for manganese. If they don’t test, you can call a certified laboratory to test your water.

If the test confirms you have high levels of manganese, you’ll need to install a whole house water filter to remove the mineral from your water.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Black Water?

Black specks in water can make you worried. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are actions you can take to get rid of the black specks.

Consider installing a sediment filter to get rid of the sand and other contaminants. This filter will block all sediment before getting into your water supply system. Thus, eliminating any chance for water discoloration. 

After doing a manganese test and confirming that it’s excessively high, you’ll need a water treatment system for manganese removal. We recommend whole house water filters for well water.

Other than that, if you’re using well water, let the water run for several days. This method might clear or remove the tiny particles. However, if you don’t notice any changes contact a driller to inspect the well.

Since it’s challenging to exactly know where the black speck in water is coming from it’s good to seek help.

As we’ve discussed above there are many potential causes for the black water from the faucet. It’s good to note which faucets are affected, is it the cold or hot faucet or both.

This information will help the plumber handle the issue successfully.


There are many probable reasons for black water to come out of the faucet. As we’ve mentioned, the reasons could be increased minerals like manganese and iron.

Other reasons include resin beads, pipe corrosion, and issues with the water heater.

Therefore, its crucial to call an expert to help fix the situation. Even the water isn’t bad for drinking, the black color can discourage one from drinking.

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