Potassium Chloride Water Softener Reviews

Are you wondering whether a Potassium Chloride Water Softener is better than a sodium or salt based water softener? Well, both of these water softeners are excellent choices.

The only thing you should consider is whether you’re on a sodium-restricted diet, if you’re, then you need to invest in water softeners that use potassium chloride.

Potassium Chloride Water Softener
Potassium Chloride Water Softener

The good news is that almost all water softeners allow the use of potassium chloride. Some digital softeners come with a potassium chloride setting that enables you to change settings when switching from sodium chloride to potassium chloride.

One of the best potassium chloride water softeners that we recommend is Fleck 5600SXT. This great water softener allows you to use potassium chloride as a softener.

Reviews: Best Potassium Chloride Water Softener

Potassium chloride softeners introduce potassium chloride into the water. Potassium chloride is a beneficial nutrient for both plants and humans.

If you already own a water softener and you’ve been using sodium chloride, and now you’re under sodium restriction, you can effortlessly switch to potassium chloride without buying.

1. Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener

Fleck 5600 SX is a great potassium chloride water softener. It features an on-demand digital meter and an advanced paddle wheel meter. These features work to enhance water distribution into your faucet.

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Another excellent feature is the informative display that includes backlit LCD display, user-friendly interface, and excellent touchpad controls. All these aspects make it easy to operate the system.

Furthermore, this unit uses a metered regeneration process. Therefore, the system measures water usage in the household and regenerates only when needed. As such, if the household’s water needs rise, the system regenerates to satisfy the growing demand.

The Fleck 5600 SX also boasts of a flow meter that allows the user to check and measure the amount of water used. This meter also regenerates automatically to meet the water demand.

2. Morton® Water Softener M30

The Morton® Water Softener M30 is a whole water softening system that is also ideal for small businesses.

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The Morton system eliminates the hardness minerals to give you soft water that is kind to your skin, appliances, and laundry.

The system also features “look-ahead” technology that helps you regulate, monitor, or predict the water usage in your home to allow it regenerate only when required. This in turn helps to reduce waste that’s normally witnessed wen regeneration is not automatic.

The installation process is quick and easy. The manufactures includes all the important installation accessories needed to make installation quick. The installation kit comes with copper connectors, bypass valve, washers, and conversion nuts.

3. Whirlpool WHES30E

Another great potassium chloride water softener is the Whirlpool WHES30E. The system has an exceptional salt saving technology that can monitor and measure the water usage in your home. As such, the system can automatically calculate the amount of salt and water needed for regeneration.

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Further, the system predicts your household’s water usage patterns and regenerates more efficiently. Therefore, you get to save on salt and water.

The installation of the system is easy. The unit comes will all necessary accessories needed for the installation. Therefore, after a few hours your softening unit should be up and running. The manufacturer also include straightforward and detailed installation instructions. So, you shouldn’t have any problem during the installation.

The Whirlpool WHES30E is NSF certified and has the ability to eliminate hardness in water.  This unit ensures that you’ll never have to encounter embarrassing situations like stained laundry, spotty dishes, or dry skin.

Another great feature is the clear digital display. This feature is easy to operate and program. Once you’ve bought the Whirlpool WHES30E, you just need to input your preferred setting once. You’ll will not need to repeat even after power failure, it will automatically restore the settings itself.

The system is also low maintenance. You’re only required to check the salt levels inside the brine tank occasionally and refill if the salt level is down. But you don’t need to worry at which specific time you need to check the salt level. The unit has an indicator light that’ll alert you when you should refill the salt.

The system also has the ability to retain its memory in case of any interruptions that might affect its normal operations. This saves you from having to reset the system all over again.

3 Best Potassium Chloride Softener

1. Diamond 40lb K-Life Potassium Chloride D.Crystal

The Diamond 40lb crystal is 99.9% potassium chloride. Therefore, you’ve the assurance that your softener will function optimally.

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It’s also a great choice since it’s compatible with all water softeners.  Therefore, if you plan to switch from sodium to potassium irrespective of your softener type, this product will facilitate a smooth transition.

Further, this product is a perfect sodium free alternative. This means that, if you’re under sodium restriction or just want to cut down daily sodium intake, you should consider this product.

In addition, the Diamond 40lb has low insoluble content, this means your softening unit will run smoothly without any hiccups. The crystals are also NSF certified, meaning you’ll be using the highest standard of water softener in your system.

Another great feature of the Diamond 40lb crystal is its patented two-handle bag. Thanks to this feature, the bag is durable, easy to lift and carry.

2. Morton® Potassium Chloride Water Softener Salt Pellets, 40 lb. Bag

The Morton® Potassium Chloride Water Softener Salt Pellets are 99% sodium free. They are ideal for almost all kinds of softeners.

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This Potassium Chloride Water Softener aids in the removal minerals that cause water hardness. It works in the same way as a sodium softener as it relies on an ion exchange media to replace the hard minerals with potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride is an excellent water softener and comes with many benefits compared to salt softeners. For instance, those on a low sodium diet, or those that prefer salt free water benefit from potassium. Potassium adds healthful minerals into the water and it’s tender to the environment.

This potassium softener also has low insoluble content, so cleaning the unit is easy, as there is no formation of heavy buildup.

3. CARGILL Diamond crystal potassium chloride

CARGILL potassium chloride water softener is a great low-sodium alternative to softening water than salt-based softeners.

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The product is 99.1% pure potassium chloride and has low insoluble content, thus your softening unit will run smoothly to give you great tasting water.

This product is NSF certified and is ideal for all types of water softeners. Grab yours today and enjoy sodium free water.


Potassium chloride softener and sodium chloride softener use a similar principle to make water soft. Water passing through the softening unit contains hard minerals.

These minerals attach to the system’s resin and are replaced with either potassium chloride or sodium depending on the kind of softener you’re using.

Potassium occurs naturally and has an array of benefits. It’s an essential mineral for humans and it aids in the strengthening and proper functioning of human organs and muscles. Potassium also contributes to the proper growth of plants.

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