Pelican Water Softener 2023 Review

In this post, I’ll give a detailed and comprehensive Pelican water softener reviews to help customers make informed purchasing decision.

Pelican water systems have gained massive recognition across the world as being the best salt-free softening systems. The company also produces some of the best water filtration and purification systems.

Their point of use and whole house systems include: whole-house filter, several water softening models, UV disinfection system, and shower filter among many others.

Pelican strives to produce green and environmental friendly home filtration system. Their softening systems generate minimal environmental impact. The pelican salt free systems reduces water wastage by half compared to its competitors. Further, they don’t need salt to operate, so these systems produce minimal waste to the environment.

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Common Features in All Pelican Water Softeners

Eco Friendly

All Pelican water-softening systems are harmless to the environment. The water softeners are available as salt free and salt-based systems. Both of these systems don’t require salt or electricity to function. Thus, you get to save on energy bills and the amount you would have otherwise spent on salt. The Pelican salt-based softeners remove the hardening minerals that cause water to become hard. The hard minerals are exchanged with soft water ions.

The pelican salt free softeners work by neutralizing hard water, hence prevent scale build up caused by mineral deposits.

Why Choose Pelican Over The other Brands?

Retains Healthy Minerals

Pelican water softening systems retain essential and healthy minerals without introducing additives like chemicals into the, anytime you’re using Pelican system you’re sure that the water you’re drinking is clean and healthy.

Easy Installation

Installing a softening unit can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean impossible. If you’re handy or a Do-it-yourselfer, have patience and enough time at your disposal you can install the Pelican system successfully. However, if you’re unsure about the installation process, have a professional do it for you.

Removes a Wide Range of Contaminants

Pelican systems remove chloramines, chlorine, harmful bugs, and pharmaceuticals, among other contaminants from the water. All Pelican water softeners protect your pipes, plumbing systems, and other water appliance from the harmful effect of hard water like scale build up and corrosion.

NSF Certified and Maintenance Free

All pelican salt free softeners are maintenance free. Once you set it up, that’s it, enjoy your softened water with no extra maintenance cost. Other than that, all Pelican systems are NSF certified against the highest standards of quality and functionality. The PSE1800/2000, NS6, and NS3 have all obtained NSF approval for material safety (standard 61) and structural integrity (standard 42).

Review 3 Best Pelican Water Softener Reviews 2023 Reviewed

1. Pelican PSE 1800 Whole House System

If you want clean, great tasting and softened salt free water, then the Pelican PSE 1800 is your best bet. This unit features a great combination of a whole house carbon filter and NS3 water conditioner. This pair ensures you get the best available water.

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On top of that, the conditioner prevents hard water scale build up on appliances and plumbing, prolonging their life. The conditioner also helps to retain essential minerals without introducing any chemicals into the water.

The unit features a sediment pre-filter that helps to remove debris, dirt, sand, and other contaminants present in your water. Other than that, the bacterial static media prevents bacterial growth inside the system.

In addition, this Pelican PSE 1800 removes over 97% of chlorine and prevents growth of pathogens. The system is maintenance free and the installation is easy. The unit can also deliver softened water to household with three bedrooms.

Therefore, if you want great tasting water that’s healthier and is gentle on your skin and hair, then the PSE 1800 series would be an ideal choice.

Here’s a video that provides easy to follow installation of a Pelican system.

2. NS6 NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener

Another amazing salt free water softener from Pelican is this NS6 NaturSoft. This is an exceptional, maintenance-free systems that’s combines a conditioner and salt free water softener. Hence, with this system you’ll not see scale build up on appliances and the plumbing system.

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In addition, the sediment pre-filter has a 5-micron filter. This system has the ability to filter up to 5 microns. Thus, helps to prevent sediment build up. This means your Pelican unit and other home appliances are protected against the damaging effects of sediment accumulation.

This salt-free conditioner uses a different kind of catalytic media as opposed to other units that use potassium or sodium to prevent scale build up.

The NS6 NaturSoft delivers 15 gallons of softened water/minute. So if you have a large family of up to 8 people, you should consider the NS6 NaturSoft softener. The manufacturer claims that it can deliver water to 6 bathrooms, this is enough water to cater for your big family.

In addition, the NS6 has received approval by NSF/ANSI for standard 42 (structural integrity) and standard 61 (material safety). Therefore, you can be sure of your safety while using this product. Further, this conditioner doesn’t require electricity to function. This means its operating costs is low.

Therefore, you want a high performing and solid water-softening unit, the NS6 will not let you down. They are one of the best salt free water conditioners especially because of the high water flow rate.

3. The Pelican Combo Series PSE2000 

If you compare PSE1800 and PSE2000 you’ll notice that there no major differences between them. However, the PSE2000 has a high flow rate of 12GPM.

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This Pelican combo series is a combination of whole house carbon water filter and NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener. This great combination delivers high quality softened water from every tap. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of high quality water like great tasting drinking water, softer hair and skin.

Your appliances and plumbing system will also give you longer service as the water softening system prevents the damaging effects caused by hard water scale build up.

Furthermore, the PSE2000 unit can filter, soften, and deliver water to 4-6 bathrooms. Other than that, this unit can remove 97% of chlorine to give you healthier and great tasting water.

This unit also features a 5-micron pre-filter that helps to remove large particles like sand, silt, and debris, among others. Hence, protecting the plumbing system and other water appliances from the negative effects of excess sediments, thus enhance their life span.

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Pelican Water Softener Buying Guide

Are you wondering what you should look out for when purchasing a Pelican water softener? In this guide, we’ll discuss key issue that you need to consider before buying a water softener. We hope you’ll make an informed decision after reading this guide

Installation and maintenance

Get to know whether you can install the system alone or you must have professional help. If you have the skill and can install the unit alone, confirm whether you have all the tools, time, and patience.

If you’re seeking the services of professional get to know the total installation cost and if you need to purchase additional installation tools.

What is required for maintenance? Are there parts you would need to change after using the softener for some time? Get a rough estimate of total maintenance cost.

Grain rating

A grain in water softening system refers to a mineral (s) present in your water that you seek to remove with the softener. In simple terms, a grain contributes to water hardness.

The hardening minerals (grains) in most cases are calcium and magnesium. Although these minerals are not harmful to health, they cause undesirable effect on water appliances. The grain rating is the amount minerals the softener can remove.

Your home Water hardness level

If your home has a water hardness level at 10.5 GPS that means its very hard.  At 1 GPG the water is hard and at 3.5 GPG the water is soft, hence no need of a softener.

Therefore, depending on the water hardness level, you can invest in a water softener with a heavy-duty resin.

However, if you’re on a sodium restricted diet, then consider getting a pelican salt-free unit.

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