Morton Water Softener Reviews (3 Best Picks)

In this article we’ll present Morton Water Softener Reviews. Morton is a popular brand and most people know it because of their famous Morton table salt.

However, they also produce some of the best water softeners that play a crucial role in water softening. What Is Water Softener Regeneration

The Morton salt-based units have many amazing features, thus, they stand out among other water softeners. So, in this Morton Water Softener Reviews, we’ll discuss those features and provide a detailed review of some of the best Morton water softeners.

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Details: Morton Water Softener Reviews

All Morton water softeners have the following features.

Superior Technology

Morton water softeners incorporate Look Ahead technology that helps the softening unit predict the future water needs of a household, hence, regenerates automatically. That means, the Morton softening systems only regenerate when needed, thus helps you save over 50% of salt.

Ease of Installation

All Morton water-softening units come with a power interruption protection, free technical support, and a straightforward installation kit. Therefore, installing the softener should take you a few hours. However, if you feel overwhelmed or unsure about the whole process, have a professional do it for you.

Exceptional Grain Rating

The grain rating refers to the total amount hardened minerals the softener can remove from the water before a new regeneration cycle commences. All Morton units have great grain rating. These softeners remove hard minerals, reduce sediment, dechlorinate well water and city water and they maintain optimal pressure.

This grain rating denotes a softener’s efficiency and abilities in treating water. Units with high grain rating are ideal for regions with very hard water.


Most of the water softeners available on the market can be costly and go as high as $3,000. On the other hand, Morton water softeners are cost effective. They don’t require a lot of electricity to run and can treat large amounts of water without reducing the pressure or flow of water.

In general, most of Morton water softeners cost $500 or below.

Excellent Customer Care

Morton is a company that understands the importance of treating all its clients with respect, care, and love. The excellent customer service has made most customers happy. The customer care team address all questions raised by clients, clarify information, and help in obtaining needed replacement parts as soon as possible.

Let’s review some of the best Morton water softeners

3 Best Morton Water Softeners

1. Morton M30 Water Softener

The Morton M30 is the best water softener for homes and business establishments. It is an economical solution for softening water.

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The unit features Look Ahead Technology.  With this technology, the water softener will never cut off soft water supply just to regenerate. What it will do instead is that, the system’s control panel will keep track of you water usage and trigger regeneration before reaching filtering capacity. However, you can manually trigger a regeneration cycle, especially if you’re in need of more water than you normally use. In short, the Look Ahead feature plays a crucial role in ensuring you’ve sufficient supply of softened water while keeping track of your household’s routine.

Other than that, the M30 has a compact design. This single tank unit is 43 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. The proportions of this softener will allow save on space.

In addition, the unit is Easy to install and program. The Morton M30 softener comes with everything needed for the installation. It’s maintenance free, you just need to check the salt level after a few weeks and confirm whether it needs refiling.

On top of that, this softener is easy to program. It features a control panel with easy to use touch pad that allows you to set the timer for easy regeneration. However, if the installation or the control panel seem hard to crack, the Morton customer service will help you out. The customer care team is professional and is ready to tackle all your questions.

Furthermore, this water softener is a high efficiency unit and it uses less than 50% salt for its normal operation. The unit has a flow rate of 6.5 and its ideal for a home with 4 people.


  • Look Ahead Technology ensures you never run out of water
  • Power interruption protection
  • Compact design
  • Regenerates only when necessary
  • Features a bypass valve
  • Easy installation kit


  • Can leak if not fastened or installed properly
  • Replacement parts are expensive

2. Morton System Saver M27

The Morton M27 is a 27,000-grain unit that comes in a compact design with only one tank that accommodates the resin and salt. It’s a space unit that you might highly want to consider if you have limited space.

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Furthermore, the softener features Look-Ahead technology. This technology learns the household water usage, predicts future use, and regenerates appropriately. This means, you’ll always have sufficient supply of softened water.

In addition, the M27 has a water flow rate of 6.5 GPM. This is enough water to cater for small or mid-sized households with about 3 people. The unit can also handle a hardness level of 95 grains per gallon (GPG). So, if you reside in a region with very hard water, this is the ideal unit for you.

On top of that, this system is a great water softener for both municipal and well water. It’s also easy to install and the package is delivered with all the installation accessories you need for quick and easy set up. The unit is maintenance free, you’ll just need to occasionally check the salt level maybe after every 2 weeks and refill when necessary.

Other than that, the softener can filter out small amounts of iron. Therefore, if your water has low levels of iron, you can actually use this system rather having a separate filter to remove the traces of iron.

Another great feature is that you can easily and quickly program the softener. Just enter your water hardness level and time of day you’ll want the regeneration to happen. However, the system will learn your water usage pattern and readjust accordingly, so you never run out of soft water.


  • Affordable
  • Look ahead technology predicts water usage to enable the unit regenerate when necessary
  • Can filter iron and hard minerals
  • 27,000-grain capacity
  • Easy to program
  • Power interruption protection


  • Replacement parts are a bit expensive

Buying Guide for Morton Water Softeners

So, what should you consider before buying a water softener from Morton? Well, we’ve outlined and discussed everything you need to know. Check them out.

Size of Your House

How many are you in your household? Is your house big or small? How much space can you spare for the unit? Morton water softeners come in different sizes and prices. Hence, you should choose one that suits the size of your house. We’ve units that are ideal for 1-2 people, and those for more than six.

Other than that, it’s crucial to test the hardness level of your water as well as the contaminants present in water. A testing kit will provide all the answers about the status of your water.

Flow Rate

The softener’s flow rate is an important issue worth considering. The flow rate is the amount of water the softener can actually supply to a home at a given time. If the flow rate is low, you might not use or run all taps in your household because of the low water pressure.

Therefore, if you’ve a large household you might want to buy a system with a higher flow rate. This way, you can run multiple fixtures simultaneously without a drop in water pressure.


How much are you willing to spend on your new water softener system? If price is not an issue for you, you may want to consider a softer with a high grain rating. A high grain rating softener is a bit pricey than the low grain softener. That doesn’t mean that a low grain softener is inefficient or unreliable. The grain rating is just a measurement of how much hardness minerals or particulates the softener can capture or filter out before a new regeneration cycle.


Morton have done a great job in designing high performing, cost-effective, and visually attractive water softeners. The good news is that their wide selection ensures you get a unit that matches all your needs weather you have a small or big household.

Therefore, we hope that this Morton water softener reviews has given you more insight and you can now comfortably choose a Morton unit that fits your needs

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