How to Make Water Taste Better (8 Important Tips)

In this article, we’ll show you how to make water taste better. We know it’s frustrating to always have to deal with unpleasant water taste.  Some people just hate the “flat” water taste and consider the water plain and boring. Whichever the reasons that make you not drink up sufficient water, we’ve got you covered.

Therefore, Here is a list of interesting but simple things you can do to make your water taste great.

8 Ways On How to Make Water Taste Better

1. Fruit Infusion

Adding fruits to your water is an amazing way to improve the quality and taste of your water. The best water infusing fruits are apples, melons, oranges, lemons, and berries.

Moreover, fruit infused water is a great alternative to ordinary water. You get to enjoy great tasting water with healthy ingredients.

On top of that, it’s super easy to make, just crush your favorite fruit into a jug of water and enjoy the drink. Alternatively, you can put the mixture in the refrigerator, allow it to sit overnight, and then enjoy a refreshing cold drink.

You might also want to try Cucumber and fresh mint especially during summer. This combination offer refreshing flavors.

Furthermore, you can get a fruit infuser at amazon. These bottles are affordable and fun looking. They can encourage you to prepare delicious flavored water that you can comfortably drink every day, helping you remain hydrated. These bottles are portable and you can easily make your favorite flavored water. You can also browse through the internet for amazing recipes.

2. Use Flavored Ice Cubes

Ice water tastes great compared to room temperature water. If ordinary ice makes water taste great, what if you add some flavors to the ice. Well, you can make flavored ice cubes and add them to your water. I promise you’ll love the cool and refreshing taste of your water.

In addition, use fresh fruits, cucumber, or mint to make the ice cubes. Just chop small pieces of your preferred fruit, put them in the ice cube tray, add some water, and then freeze. You can also decide to freeze coffee, tea, or even juice. Get creative! Have fun with your flavored ice cubes.

3. Add Some Sparkle

Most individuals find sparkling water more interesting than still water. Sometimes, Plain water can be boring. Sparking water is easy to make. You can decide to add some blueberries and raspberries to get a natural soda alternative. Hence, encourage you to drink more water.

Other than that, you may also choose to get a seltzer maker at amazon. With this device, you get to enjoy carbonated drink that’s healthier. Try adding natural juice or fresh fruits to your seltzer to add more favor to your drink.

In addition, if plain water doesn’t inspire you, you may want to consider a natural effervescent mineral water. This is a great alternative to plain water because of the added mineral benefit. Other than that, you can try bubly Sparkling Water. It’s more natural and has no artificial sweeteners.

4. Spice Your Water by Using Herbs

Natural herbs like lemongrass will give you an amazing citrus flavor. Basil herb will also add to the water flavor to offer you an exceptional licorice-like taste. You might also want to try peppermint and lavender for a floral aroma.

Cinnamon is also another great alternative for spicing your water and make it more tasteful. Just simmer one cinnamon stick in a cup of water. Let it infuse for a few minutes. Take a jug with cold water and add the infused cinnamon solution. Enjoy the amazing cinnamon flavoring.

Cinnamon is full of health benefits. When you decide to add it to your water, you get to reduce your cholesterol and lower your blood sugar level.

5. Drink Tea

Luckily, the market is flooded with so many tea brands and each has its own amazing flavor. You can choose herbal, white, green, red, or even fruit tea. The wide variety ensures you never get bored.

Hence, drinking tea is a great way of ensuring you meet your recommended daily water intake. Just avoid adding sugar.

In addition, Tea is a great choice than coffee because it has no caffeine. In addition, with tea you get a variety to choose from and the many exceptional flavors. Visit the local health food store or market and make your selection.

You can also go for sophisticated teas that have exotic flavors. Conduct your own research about the different teas on the global or international market. You’ll be glad to discover nutritious and great tasting tea varieties.

6. Add Juice

Use fruit juice to spike and add taste your water. Any fruit juice can act as a base flavor for your water. Nevertheless, I recommend grape, apple, or pomegranate. The juices from these fruits give water delicious taste.

Ensure you choose natural juices, those that don’t have any added sugars.

Apart from the great taste the juice gives your water, you also benefit from antioxidants and vitamins that are crucial to your health.

7. Consider Other Alternative to Water

You can try broths, consommés, or bouillons. If you find plain water or tea unpleasant, then you can consider these options. Sipping any of these delicious liquids will also help in dehydration. However, you need choose low sodium and low fat options for additional health benefits.

Soup is mainly water based. Hence, a cup of hot and savory soup will ensure you fulfill the daily fluid consumption.

If you can’t make one on your own, consider buying one that is low on sodium and avoid one with cream to keep calories away.

8. Invest In a Water Purifier

The good news is that you can get water purifiers that fit perfectly and they attach easily on your faucets. Consider getting best faucet water filters to deal with unpleasant taste and odors in water.

Some purifiers have additional technology that aid in removing contaminants and odors to enhance the taste of water.

Investing in one of these innovative technologies will ensure you always have clean, odorless, and great tasting water.


We hope that by now you can comfortably make your water taste much better. Simple hacks with readily available ingredients is all you need to ensure you meet the daily-recommended fluid intake.

Say no to dehydration by preparing one of these simple flavored drinks.


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