How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water (Top 3 Tips)

Here’s how to fix cloudy tap water; there is nothing more refreshing on a hot sunny day than a glass of cold water.

But wait, what if you fill your glass only to discover it’s all milky or cloudy? Don’t panic! Cloudy water coming from your tap could be harmless. Just fill a glass and let it sit for some time. How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water

The cloudiness will clear naturally. However, if it doesn’t go away, consult your plumber. There could be a bigger underlying issue. 

Steps on how to fix cloudy tap water, why is my water cloudy? Is the cloudy tap water safe for drinking?

Details: 3 Steps on How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water 

Would I get sick if I drink the cloudy water? Will a water filtration system help fix my cloudy tap water?

Step 1: Let The Water Sit in The Glass

First, do not panic. I know it’s easier said than done, but still, you have to relax. Allow the water to sit in the glass for a few minutes. Sometimes, tap water gets cloudy because of trapped air in the water system.

This air causes the bubbles you see at the bottom of the glass. If this is the case, the water will clear after some time. However, the trapped air needs to get flushed out of the system.

Step 2: Fix an Aerator

Secondly, if your cold water line is the one with an issue, you can fix an aerator to the tap or faucet.

The air bubbles could mean that your water system has small particles like sand or dirt. Therefore, you need to consult a plumber, or if you have plumbing knowledge open up the system and check.

Step 3: Iron Test

Thirdly, sometimes high iron levels also cause cloudy tap water. You can test the iron levels in your water and if you confirm that they exceed the recommended threshold, then you can install a water softener.

Lastly, if your hot water tap is also cloudy, fill the hot in a glass and let it sit for some time. Watch how the cloudiness clears.

If it clears from bottom to top, the cause could be Pressurized air. But, if you notice particles settling in your glass, the issue could be your water heater, have it checked immediately.

Why Is My Water Cloudy?

1. Air bubbles 

There a number of factors that can cause tap water cloudiness. They include the following.

Air bubbles are a major cause of water cloudiness. If your water is all cloudy, but the cloudiness clears from bottom to top, then there is no need to worry.

Nevertheless, a number of factors can cause excess air bubbles in your water. They include:

  • High water pressure
  • Trapped air in the water system
  • Ongoing plumbing works

However, for well water, the air bubbles form naturally. But, have the water tested for any underlying issues and take the necessary steps to correct the situation.

2. Hard water

Regions with Hard water also get cloudy water coming from the tap. You’ll know you have hard water if:

  • Cloudy water never clears
  • Accumulation of Mineral deposit on water appliances
  • White spots on dishes even after washing
  • Discolored or faded clothes
  • Use of excess laundry detergent

To get rid of the hard water menace and the water cloudiness you’ll need to install a whole house filtration system. This filtration system also eliminates harmful contaminants and toxins.

3. Water pressure

Normally, water coming from the main city water supply is highly pressurized to allow it to travel to homes.

Water under pressure contains a lot of air. When you open the tap, you’ll notice bubbles in the water forming a cloudy appearance that’s air coming out.

Let the water settle for a few minutes and the bubbles will disappear naturally.

4. Methane gas

Methane gas will also cause cloudy tap water. If you use well water you should be more concerned. This gas thrives best in well water.

Methane is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Therefore, it’s hard to know whether or not it’s one causing the cloudiness in your water.

Hence, have your water tested to ascertain the actual methane gas levels and their true condition.

Is The Cloudy Tap Water Safe For Drinking?

The answer is yes and no. If you put some water in a glass or container and notice cloudiness, let the water settle for a few minutes, if the cloudiness clears, then that water is safe to drink.

However, even after allowing the water to settle, you still notice particles and some cloudiness. Then that water is not fit for consumption. It’s time to call in a plumber to fix the situation.

In addition, a study has linked cloudy tap water to gastrointestinal illness. So, you need to be extra cautious and have your water tested often.

Would I Get Sick If I Drink The Cloudy Water?

The answer is yes and no. Well, in most instances Cloudy Water doesn’t bring any health risks. The cloudiness is a result of air that causes bubbles.

However, you must establish the primary cause of the milky or cloudy water to take appropriate action.

New research has shown a relationship between drinking Cloudy Water and stomach illnesses. Waterborne pathogens like Giardia and Cryptosporidium affect individuals who drink contaminated water.

If you still don’t trust your tap water’s cleanliness or safety, you can disinfect it chemically by adding water purification tablets.

These purification tablets kill most of the common parasites and viruses found in contaminated water. Furthermore, you can have your water tested to clear any doubts in your mind.

Will A Water Filtration System Help Fix My Cloudy Tap Water?

Yes. A water filtration system removes the cloudy appearance in water plus other harmful contaminants like dirt and sand that contribute to the cloudiness.

More importantly, the water filtration system removes a wide range of toxins like heavy metals, chlorine, parasites, bacteria, among many other contaminants.

There are various options you might want to consider. For instance, if you have limited kitchen space a countertop water filter will work perfectly.

If space is no issue for you, you can opt for an Under Sink Water Filter and if you get water from your well, then install a whole water filter for well water.


If you’re wondering How to Fix Cloudy Tap Water, just remember, cloudy tap water is not always a dangerous sign.

However, you must excise caution at all times. Your safety and health come first. So, if you suspect an issue with your water system, call in a professional.

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