Does Brita Filter Remove Fluoride?

Many American households work to rid their tap water from dangerous ingredients and pollutants like sulfur, Magnesium, toxic algae, excess Iron and lead. But does Brita filter remove fluoride? 

  • Fluoride is identified to cause Alzheimer’s & Flouride, Fluoride’s-Brain Effects, Dental Fluorosis, and Skeletal Fluorosis (joint pains). 

In summary, does the Brita filter remove fluoride? Well, NO, Brita filters (iron and carbon exchange filters) are NSF-certified filters but they won’t remove fluoride. 

Does Brita Filter Remove Fluoride

But Brita filters remove other water contaminants that are harmful including sediments, water hardness, mercury, copper, and chlorine. 

So, Brita filters (as shown in the fluoride meters) won’t remove the fluoride in your water – it leaves fluoride at the same levels as before. 

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Details: Why Brita Filters Don’t Remove Fluoride?

For most filters, fluoride will prove to be a challenging contaminant – infect most filter pitchers for the water won’t remove the contaminant.

This is because the technology employed in the Brita filters (ion exchange and active carbon resin) won’t remove most water contaminants including fluoride. 

  • Therefore, homeowners may only rely efficiently on reverse osmosis and distillers to remove the fluoride contaminants from the well or tap water. 

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Water Filters That’ll Remove Fluoride? 

Considering various water filters as tools for removing fluoride from well or tap water, it shows that just a few of the pitchers will really remove fluoride. 

Definitely, some homeowners reporter that some pitchers or water filters have minimal or no effect on fluoride – for instance, the zero water filters won’t remove fluoride

Review of the Clearly-Filtered Water Pitcher

Clearly Filtered is a reliable alkaline water-filter pitcher that’ll take the fluoride levels in the well or tap water to 0.0 ppm – including glyphosate, lead, fluoride, or pesticides. 

The special pitcher filter will remove over 220 microscopic particles including contaminants, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals from your well or tap water. 

  • Most of us might have consumed contaminated water unknowingly – but the filter will hold the impurities while releasing just the clean water. 
  • The filtered water will be sweet and safe for drinking and your health plus it’ll make a big difference on the tase in your beverages including tea or coffee. 

With its selective permeability, the filter in this Clearly-filtered pitcher will choose the suitable elements that’ll remain in the water. 

The NSF-approved filters offer an adequate guarantee plus you’ll get its plastic parts to be 100-percent BPA-free. With its 0.5 gallons tank, it requires less-often refiling.

You’ll love its accessible and quick pitcher-assembly – plus you’ll only replace the filter after around 4 months – it’s also an easy replacement process.


  • Large-sized tank included in the water pitcher and hence require less-frequent refilling
  • Filter offers a longer lifespan – replacing is mainly done at 100 gallons or every 4 months
  • Effective – the pitcher is effective even in removing fluoride and other contaminants – producing quality and clean water.
  • Offers powerful or remarkable filtration including removing roughly 98% of all contamination Fluoride in the water



Review of AquaTru Counter-top RO Pitcher Filter 

Fluoride when in large quantities (above 0.7 ppm) in your water may be a health hazard – so get so great fluoride filter such as this AquaTru Counter-top RO. 

  • With suitable reverse osmosis, the AquaTru Counter-top RO filtration system removes many water contaminants including fluoride. 

AquaTru Counter-top RO is classified as NSF-certified and hence easily removes roughly 83 contaminants which are about 99.9%  of all the solids that are dissolved in the water. 

Further, the fluoride filter won’t require any plumbing connection – simply push the filter button after loading water into the pitcher tank. 

The 2 filter stages include the pre-filter (mechanical + reverse osmosis) and then the last 2 stages are RO membrane and post filter (with activated carbon). 

  • This AquaTru generates water waste just like other systems using reverse osmosis but it has average efficiency as you’ll get a 1:4 ratio in purified to wastewater. 


  • Durable filters 
  • Effective fluoride removal 
  • NSF-certified Pitcher 
  • Comes with a digital display amd produces filter-change alerts
  • No need for plumbing connection 
  • Easy pitche set-up


  • Holdin tank is smaller 
  • Electricity required for pichet operation 
  • Produces huge wastewater amounts 


Water Filters Types That’ll Remove Fluoride 

1. Reverse Osmosis 

The reverse osmosis filtration systems will be positioned under the sink – having a build like that of the under-sink filter – just connect the system to some water line. 

Compared to the new countertop filters, these require plumbing connections. The filters remove most TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) using the membrane (reverse osmosis). 

  • The RO system utilizes a semi-permeable membrane with big pores to enable water molecules to but block those tiny contaminant molecules.
  • Reverse Osmosis is both effective and economical in the fluoride filtration system. Make sure the filters lack leaks and breaks.

2. Filtered Pitcher

The water pitcher is an alternative method for removing contaminants including fluoride. The filtration process could take about 15 minutes – varies with filter age and pitcher model. 

  • As outlined earlier not all water pitches will remove fluoride from the water – so ensure that the specific pitcher model uses activated carbon for fluoride-removal. 

3. Countertop fluoride filter 

The countertop filters for Flouride will mainly be connected to the kitchen faucet using some flexible tube. Once you switch on the faucet, your water flows via a different filter in the filter unit. 

  • The countertop filter for fluoride has activated carbon that helps exchange hydroxide ions with the fluoride ions – discharging cleaned water to the faucet or dispenser


So many homeowners considering filtered water ask this question “does Brita filter remove fluoride or maybe bacteria?” Well, let’s find out!

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