Do Zero Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

On the question “Do Zero Water Filters Remove Fluoride?” – Well, Yes, both the ZeroWater 5-Stage and 2-Stage Ion-Exchanger Filtration removes over 90% of fluoride dissolved in water through the 40-gallon filtration NSF / ANSI test protocol. 

Do Zero Water Filters Remove Fluoride

So, the ZeroWater Filter will remove most of the water contaminants including Fluoride, Chlorine, and Iron thanks to the 5-stage filtration system for clean, odorless, and freshwater. 

So, for the tap water reserved for drinking, you must consider how much fluoride to remove – and that’s where we need the ZeroWater Filter using the 5-Stage Ion Exchange. 

Details: Do Zero Water Filters Remove Fluoride? 

Brief ZeroWater Filter Specs: 

  • BPA-free
  • NSF certified
  • Great for Total Dissolved Solids removal in tap water 
  • Comes with Replacement filters
  • Included Accessories are a water quality meter, 5-stage filter, and a container model (dispenser or pitcher) 
  • Dispenser or Pitcher Volume (either 40-cup or 6-cup models)

On testing my tap water prior to the filtration process, the fluoride levels were at 0.6 parts per million (ppm). So, since Brita filters won’t remove fluoride, I was ready to try the ZeroWater filters. 

How will ZeroWater filter Eliminate Fluoride? 

The 5-Stage Ion Exchange Flouride Filtration 

The ion exchange process will remove most of the water-dissolved substances including inorganic chemicals leaving just pure water (H2O).

The ZeroWater®  filters incorporate the 5-Stage Ion Exchange Flouride-filtration system to give water with pure taste and clean too for both cooking and drinking.

The water is passed through 5 unique sections to eliminate different contaminants, inorganic compounds, and visible solids sound in different tap water

Stage 1:

The first ion-exchange stage works to remove contaminants suspended in water including rocks, rust, and dust. 

Such particles tend to give your water that cloudy look. 

The stage has a filter screen (classified as coarse) that assists in removing the solids contaminants

Stage 2: 

The 2nd stage in the filtration process will eliminate all the remaining solid particles. 

The stage uses some filter Foam that is specialized for the removal of other delayed solids. 

Stage 3: 

The stage includes oxidation (doubled layer) plus the activated carbon that’ll reduce the contaminants and alloy.

Impurities including herbicides, pesticides, chloramine, and chlorine through the multiple alloy + carbon layers. 

Stage 4: 

This is the ION-exchange stage with resin playing the role of the ion exchange medium. 

It allows the removal of various inorganic contaminants including radiological contaminants, non-metals, and metals. 

The ION-exchange separates the dissolved solids and the H2O molecules while also removing inorganic chemicals like fluoride. 

Stage 5: 

The final stage uses a multi-layer screen (non-woven) and it helps remove any of the suspended solids that are remaining in the water – 100-percent contaminants -free.

Review of the APEC Water Systems ROES-50 

The APEC filtration system (NSF certified) uses reverse osmosis with the 5-stage system. The carbon-block filters will also remove the fluoride. 

APEC Water Systems ROES-50  Check Price On Amazon

The Apec filters will remove most contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, virus, bacteria, heavy metals, and lead. The systems fittings are also high quality. 

Further, Apec’s feed-water adapter will match many of the under-sink feedlines, and hence you can have a ½” or 3/8” connection. You get a lead-free chrome faucet plus the FDA and NSF tubing. 

  • The filter systems are great for:
    • Disinfected well or tap water
    • Produces ready drinking water
    • Large or small families

Thus, APEC-Essence ROES-50 is a popular and suitable reverse-osmosis system that’ll remove most water contaminants. The 5-stage filters produce safe water for cooking or drinking. 

The various media types plus the composite RO-membrane (thin-film), helps eliminate over 99% of the water contaminants including various TDS, pathogens, arsenic, and VOCs. 

The operation of the APEC ROES-50 also largely improves the aesthetics of your water. Most larger or small families will find the flow rate and filtration capacity enough. 

With a 1:3 ratio as the filtered: wasted water – you’ll find the APEC ROES-50 effective for fluoride filtration. 


  • Its a WQA-certified filter system 
  • The aftermarket filters are affordable 
  • Cheap membrane and replacement filters 
  • Maintenance of the filtration system is cheap 
  • Comes with quick-connect fittings and color-coded tubing making it easy to set up
  • Gives delicious and clean water for cooking and drinking.


  • Leakage issues

How long will the ZeroWater System Last? 

The ZeroWater filters will purify about 25 – 40 gallons – considering the quality condition of the water. But for higher amounts of fluoride and total dissolved substances – it handles less. 

Measure the water quality with your total dissolved meter following each filtration round – get another cartridge if the water quality comes out bad. 

  • Will the ZeroWater filter remove bacteria? Well, these Zerowater filters won’t remove those microorganisms including viruses, cysts, and bacteria.

Thus, for private water wells, ensure to treat the water using chlorine since Zerowater won’t kill the bacteria or other microorganisms. 

Issues Associated with Using ZeroWater filter 

1. Healthy Minerals Removal 

The ZeroWater may also remove some healthy minerals reducing great body functioning – besides the harmful chemicals including iron and calcium. 

  • Despite the that ZeroWater filter produces great-tasting water, the product may not have additional benefits to your body. 

2. High Acidity or Alkaline levels

The water’s alkalinity when high helps neutralize the body’s acidity mainly from drinks and foods.

  • Hence taking alkaline water will reduce the body’s acidity that arises from stress. Water having iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium will be more alkaline.
  • But the water coming out of the zero water filters will have zero minerals that are dissolved – and hence it’ll read a lower pH – giving additional acidity.

3. Less Water-Clogging

The enclosed water filters will largely be challenging to unclog. For filters that’ll take an overly long time to filter, check the presence of airlocks.

  • So, just unscrew your ZeroWater filter and simply fix it back to the original position. Despite care, poke some holes into the filter screen.

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On do Zero water Filters remove Fluoride, well, Yes, they remove most of the water’s total dissolved substances (inorganic and organic ) through the 5-stage filtration process.

  • The filters will tackle (through filtration) about 10 to 40 gallons of water consider the water quality. For the removal of micro-organisms such as bacterias, utlize chloramine or chlorine.

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