Can You Drink Purified Water?

Can You Drink Purified Water? Is it a healthful option compared to other types of water?

Well, Staying hydrated is vital for optimal health. Hence, in this article, I discuss if it’s safe to drink purified water.

Can You Drink Purified Water

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Details: Can You Drink Purified Water?

Yes! You can drink purified water. Purified water undergoes numerous purification and filtration processes to make it ideal and safe for drinking. These purification processes help to remove harmful pathogens, chemicals, or metals from the water.

Other purification methods that are used to treat the water and turn it into purified drinking water include reverse osmosis, deionization, and distillation. Therefore, Can You Drink Purified Water?The answer is YES.

Bottled purified waters are economical compared to other water alternatives like spring water. Purified water is safe for consumption, but it should not be used as a long-term choice as some purification methods don’t eliminate all impurities and others apply dangerous chemicals.

However, purified water should not be your primary source of water; you should drink it occasionally. Why? The reason is that purified water has chlorine and too much intake of chlorine can destroy essential bacteria in our bodies. The type of bacteria that keeps the digestive system healthy. Hence, drinking a lot of purified water can hurt the digestive system.

Furthermore, purified drinking water is an active absorber, so any time it combines with air it takes in the carbon dioxide. As a result, the water becomes acidic. When you habitually consume purified water that has become acidic, the acidic content of the body increases, this can be bad for overall human health.

Is Purified Water Safe For Drinking?

The answer is YES. Purified water is a safe and healthful option you may want to consider. Most people depend on the community water system provided by the municipal as their primary source of water supply for safe drinking water. However, the community water system can be contaminated with harmful pathogens and chemicals that can make the water dangerous for human consumption.

Drinking water supplies can be contaminated at the source or the distribution system after water purification and treatment has already been done. Water contamination can occur as a result of naturally occurring mineral and chemicals like uranium, arsenic, and radon.

Also, wastewater releases or sewer overflows can result in water contamination. Furthermore, open land use practices like concentrated feeding operations and use of fertilizers and pesticides which can get their way into the public water supply.

The presence of impurities in water can cause serious health effects, including neurological disorders, reproductive problems, and gastrointestinal illness. Also, pregnant women, young children, the elderly, infants, and individuals with a low immune system like those undergoing transplant medications and chemotherapy may be vulnerable to illnesses because of the contaminants.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to purify your water before consuming to eliminate all these contaminants and make the water safe for drinking. Some disease-causing pathogens can be stopped by boiling your water before drinking. Also, the water is passed through various water purification processes to make it safe for drinking.

Reasons Why Purified Water Is Good

Purified water passes through various water purification treatment and processes to make it healthy and safe for drinking.  The purification process eliminates all harmful contaminants and chemicals while ensuring that the essential minerals remain intact.

Most people agree that purified water has excellent taste and encourages one to consume more, leaving you hydrated all through. Contaminants present in the water like viruses, bacteria, and parasites, among many others are eliminated during the dynamic purification process. The final product you get is purest most refreshing, clean drinking water.

Purified water is good for overall human health.  Drinking sufficient amount of water ensures you remain hydrated. Drinking water makes you stay healthy and look good. Optimal water intake keeps you healthy and delays aging.

Where does purified water come from?

Purified water can come from either groundwater, tap, a spring, or any surface source. It just doesn’t matter its source, since the strict water filtration and purification process is intended to remove all types of contaminants. Therefore, the quality of the source water does not affect the quality of the final water. Meaning you get the purest form of clean, safe, and tasty water.

Purified water accounts for a large percentage of bottled drinking water found on the current market. This water is preferred by many because of the rigorous purification treatment the water passes through to remove impurities.

Purified drinking water is the purest available drinking water, hence any water irrespective of the source as long as it passes through the purification process is perfect for drinking.

How to Make Purified Water at Home (DIY Water Purification)

Before drinking any water confirm that it has been treated or purified. If you discover your water is polluted and bottled water is not readily available, you can employ various water purification methods to make the water clean.

The following are major water purification techniques to make your water clean and safe for drinking.

Use of Chlorine

Chlorine has been widely used as an active water purification chemical by those who love remote camping and depend on natural sources of water to replenish their water. Chlorine is also used in homes and in disaster situations where supply for safe drinking water has been cut off. Chlorine is one of the best water purification method and helps to remove disease-causing organisms and other harmful contaminants found in your water. Chlorine is a low-cost and effective water purification product, that is both liquid and tablet form. However, those with thyroid problems should seek the opinion of the doctor before using the product. Chlorine kills all pathogens making the water safe for drinking.


Water can be contaminated at the Channels for water distribution or at the source, rendering the water unsafe for drinking. Germs and other pathogens are things you might not see with your bare eyes but can be dangerous to health. Hence, you should always boil your water.

Put your water in a clean boiling container and allow it to boil after it has boiled over and let it cool before drinking.

Use of Home Water Filters.

You can install Whole-home filters in your house as it’s the easiest and effective method to filter out pathogens, metals, sediments, and other water pollutants. These filters are designed with unique materials like cloth, carbon, sand, charcoal, and ceramic that are specially built to remove harmful water pollutants.

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