7 Best Water Table For Kids 2022 Reviewed

In today’s post we’ll review some of the Best Water Table For Kids.  A water table offers a perfect opportunity for kids to play, enjoy and have fun especially during hot summer days. The children get to discover their problem solving skill, creativity and the importance of teamwork.

As a parent or guardian, you would want to see your children all happy and excited having fun. In the process, you would also want them to acquire important life skills. Investing in a water table will help the kids develop their motor skills.

Hence, after conducting comprehensive research, we’ve come up with the following list on some of the most high rated Water Table for Kids and toddlers.

Let’s Get Started! 

Review: 7 Best Water Table For Kids 2022 Reviewed

1. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table –Best Water Table for 2-6 Year Olds

The top spot for best water table for kids and toddlers goes to Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table from Little Tikes.

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This water table features many fun activities to keep your little ones engaged throughout the sunny period.

For starters, this play table can hold 7 gallons of water. This is enough water for kids to splash around as they enjoy their playtime.

Another great feature is the spiral tower. The kids drop the balls and they spiral down to the river. Using the green wheel, the toddlers once again power the lazy river. You’ll definitely love watching the excitement in their eyes as they enjoy the game.

Most customers have commented that this play table is sturdy, easy to assemble, and fosters important skill development among children. For instance, children learn cooperative play, teamwork, and problem solving among many other skills.

You’ll also appreciate that this water table doesn’t take up much space. It has a diameter of 31.5 inches and its 29.5 inches tall. Therefore, you can set it up on the balcony, porch, backyard, or the deck. You don’t need to rearrange your house to find a space for this play set, you can literally set it anywhere.

In addition, this water table features one cup and 5 impressive round characters that splash water on to your kids ensuring they enjoy as they run around excited.

Another great aspect with this paly set is that it can accommodate 2 children playing simultaneously, giving them the thrill and excitement of shared play.

On top of that, this play table encourages the development and strengthening of a child’s motor skills. The different activities like scooping, throwing the ball through the spiral tower, and getting the river to flow stimulates the child’s mind to remain alert.

2. Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Water Table

Another great summer toy worth considering is the Big Splash Waterpark Water Table by Step2. This product has many amazing features to keep your children engaged and having fun for hours.

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This playset features movable spout, water scoopers, water slide, and water tower basin. The kids pour water inside the water tower basin into the slide. As water flows down, the motor starts to move like a wheel. You’ll love how the kids use their creativity to make the water move

The play table is ideal for kids aged 18 months – 5 years. Toddlers can also play but with adult supervisor. This water table features many play activities and can accommodate 2-3 kids all playing simultaneously. The Splash Waterpark has a capacity of 4 gallons, which is adequate for the kids to enjoy.

3. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

Let your kids splash their day away with this amazing outdoor water table. This playset guarantees your kids endless fun and entertainment.

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The Seaway Water Table features a two-tier design that provides 2 levels of water and an amazing waterfall effect when adding water. The lower level tub can accommodate 1-year-old toddlers and the upper level, which is also the bigger one, is ideal for kids who are about 7 years old.

Overall, this water table has a capacity for 5.5 gallons. The lower tub can hold 3.24 gallons of water, while the upper/bigger tub can accommodate 2.22 gallons. This play set doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s roughly 43.5 inches wide and 25 inches tall.

Other amazing features worth mentioning include the umbrella that will allow kids continue with their play even under the scorching sun. The lower and upper tubs feature troughs and inlets that make it easy to add water into the tubs.

Other great features include slides, sea creatures, and of course ample space for the kids to play and hold splash party.

This play set is big and can accommodate about 5 kids paying simultaneously. If you have a larger family, I think this one will be the best water table to choose. Its durable and your kids can have many years of fun with the Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

You also don’t need to worry about the table tripping or kids falling down. This water table is sturdy and of great quality. Most reviewers have noted with pleasure that this water table is a safe haven for kids, as it doesn’t wobble when kids are playing.

4. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Another fun filled water table from Little Tikes is this amazing Anchors Away Pirate Ship. This playset comes with a wide range of activities to keep kids engaged and entertained all day long. For instance, the children can create waves or squirt water using the canon.

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Am sure your children will love the spinning feature of this water table.  This spinning aspect creates a current that makes the floating toys move.

To ensure your kids have maximum fun the water table features the following accessories; a bucket, scooper, strainer, boat, lie preserver, two pirates, and a squirting shark.

This artistic pirate themed water table has a pump that is powered by hand to help the kids keep the water flowing. The moving water ensures all other toys spin to keep kids entertained.

You’ll appreciate how big this water table is, as it can accommodate 4-5 kids all at the same time. This play table is durable and sturdy, so expect it to last for many years without getting a biting.

5. Step2 Dino Dig

The Dino Dig Sand and Water Table is ideal for outdoor and indoor play. An amazing playset combines sand & water table. The playset will also offer kids a remarkable virtual dinosaur experience, thus stimulating their imagination. It features four dinosaurs, shovel/rake, and two scoops.

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Another great feature in the step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table is the drain plug. This makes draining the table easy once the kids are through playing. The table lid ensures sand remains clean and protects it from wet weather.

This water table is easy to clean. It’s also spacious and can accommodate multiple kids all at once. Your kids will love its simple design and the many fun activities they’ll enjoy.

Buying Guide (Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Water Table for kids)

The current market is flooded with many water tables from different manufacturers. It can be overwhelming or even challenging to pin point the ideal one for your child. You should consider the following factors before you purchase a water table for your toddler.

Number Of Kids

How many kids do you have? Do they have friends that visit often? If you’ve answered yes to the two questions, then you need a bigger water table that can accommodate both your kids and their friends. Bigger playsets have many play activities that can keep several kids engaged. Luckily, we’ve reviewed some of the best ones. Go through this review and you get your perfect match.


The market has Water tables for different ages. For instance, there are best water tales for toddlers who are one year and for the older kids over 7 years. Do you want something your kids can grow with or just a playset that’s a perfect fit for their ages? ensure you choose a product that would stimulate the child’s mind into creativity, team work, or problem solving.

Type of Water Table

Do you want an outdoor or indoor water table? Outdoor play tables are ideal especially if want your kids playing outside. They also can’t mess the house with water. However, if you prefer an indoor water table there are still so many on the market.


Choose a water table that’s sturdy and durable. One that your kids will outgrow. There is no need of buying a product only to go back after a few months to buy a new one. Look at the manufacturer’s reputation on designing durable products. You can know this by going through customer reviews on Amazon.


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