8 Best Water Softener Salt 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best water softener salt? One that’s affordable, Effective, and delivers excellent results in eliminating hard water?

Well, the softening salt you choose for your salt-based softener will play a vital role in the quality of your drinking water. Therefore, you’ll need to conduct some research to establish the ideal salt for your softener.

Luckily, we’ve gone the extra mile, done comprehensive research, and compiled the following list of top Water Softener Salt

Let get started!

Reviews: 8 Best Water Softener Salt 2023 Reviewed

1. Morton Salt Water Softener, 50 lbs

The top pick for Best Water Softener Salt goes to this high rated Morton Salt Water Softener, 50 lbs.

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This softener salt will prevent mineral build-up inside the water softener’s brine tank. Other types of salts like rock salt, don’t completely eliminate mineral accumulation. Marton salt softener cleans the brine tank effectively to give you high-quality water.

Furthermore, with time, you’ll find that you don’t use a lot of salts. Therefore, the overall cost of cleaning the tank will reduce drastically and the cleaning will be quiet easy.

The Morton Salt is specifically formulated to encourage successful regeneration of resin beads.

This softening salt meets the highest safety and quality standards of NSF. Also, it’s packaged in 50lbs system saver pellet.

2. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag 40 Lb.

If you’re sensitive to sodium or you prefer a low sodium alternative to water softening, then these pure potassium chloride pellets will be perfect.

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These water softening crystals have low insoluble content facilitating smooth and effective operation of the water softening unit.

These Diamond Crystal Water Softener from Cargill Salt are best and highly recommended for all types of water softeners.

Furthermore, most users applaud it for its ability to reduce scale buildup inside the softener’s tank.

3. Iron Fighter Pellets Bag 40 Lb.

The iron fighter is an evaporated salt for water softener. These water softener pellets are designed to remove excess iron from water.

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These pellets are the best water softener salt for rust. So, if you notice rust stains on sinks, tubs, or laundry, then it means your water has a high concentration of iron. Hence, you’ll need the iron fighter pellets.

Furthermore, these water softening pellets are 100% water-soluble. Hence, they help minimize scale buildup leaving the resin tank clean.

However, they are more costly compared to the other softening salts. But they are worth it because of their ability to remove rust on appliances.

Most users have confirmed that the texture of their skin, taste, and smell of their water has improved drastically after using the iron fighter pellets.

These pellets are compatible with most types of softeners. They are also easy to carry because of the patented two-handle design.

If you use private well as your main source of water and you’ve installed a water softener, you should consider using Iron Fighter Pellets. Well water has high levels of iron, and this product will effectively remove them.

4. Diamond 40lb K-Life Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride salt is perfect for those who prefer a low sodium alternative to soften their water.  The product constitutes Pure Potassium Chloride (Kcl) and is ideal for all kinds of water softeners.

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The bag features a patented two-handle design to allow easy lifting and carrying.

The diamond potassium chloride salt softener has a purity of 99.1%. Also, its low insoluble content gives you value for your money, as the salt doesn’t dissolve quickly. This best water softener salt is a great choice if you want to switch from a salt based softener.

5. Nature’s Own Water Softener Potassium Solution, 40LB

If you’re concerned about sodium intake due to health issues or just want to avoid it altogether, then this Nature’s Own Water Softener Potassium Solution will be a perfect choice.

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Potassium-based salts have many advantages, first, they enhance the ability of the water softener to remove water hardness.

Furthermore, potassium-based salts are tender to the environment and they are good at supporting plant growth compared to sodium-based salts.

In addition, this product is recommended for all types of water softeners. Thus, you get to benefit from potassium, important nutrition, and health element.

Furthermore, this Nature’s Own Potassium Water Softener is NSF/ANSI certified. So, you are sure you’re consuming something safe.

With this product, you get to protect all your appliances and water systems. The product fights off hard water and removes scale buildup.

6. Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt, 50 Lbs

The Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt is designed to eliminate the buildup of residue inside the brine tank as well as prevent mushing and bridging.

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In addition, this Water Softener Salt is recommended for all water softeners. The salt undergoes natural evaporation to attain high levels of purity

This solar softener salt is also tested and certified by the NSF. This product is conveniently packed in polyethylene bags which feature polyethylene film liners to ensure moisture protection.

7. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets – 40 lb. bag

If you enjoy a low sodium diet or just want to switch into something most consider healthy, then these Potassium Chloride Pellets are a perfect choice.

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Potassium-based water softener salts release lower chloride levels. Hence, you’ll need fewer amounts of water to regenerate the water softener.

Furthermore, these Potassium Chloride pellets are eco-friendly. The low chloride discharge ensures less wastewater is allowed into the environment.

The high purity level (99%) of these Potassium pellets facilitate excellent performance. Users get to benefit from potassium, an important nutritional component.

8. Diamond Crystal Salt Pellets Bag 40 Lb.

Diamond Crystal Salt Pellets are specially designed to prevent bridging and mushing inside the softener tank. Thus, the water softener unit remains clean without maintenance issues.

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These salt pellets also have a high purity level, allowing successful and efficient regeneration of the resin beads.

The patented two-handle design makes the bag easier to lift and pour into the tank. Hence, adding the salt becomes convenient and hassle-free.

The Crystal Salt Pellets are highly praised because of their ability to extend the lifespan of appliances, sinks, and water pipes.


Take care of your water softener by using the right type of water softener salt. Ensure you read the user’s manual of your water softening unit to confirm if the manufacturer has recommended any specific brand. If there’re no recommendations, go through this guide and make your choice.

All the water softener salts discussed above are the best available choices that will help keep your softener unit in the best condition for years.


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