7 Best Water Softener Resin 2022 Reviewed

If you own a water softener, you must be thinking about the Best Water Softener Resin for your unit. Water Softener systems require high quality resin to help successfully remove the hardness mineral in water.

A Water Softener Resin acts as an ion exchange media, whereby the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium chloride or potassium chloride to give you softened water.

Let’s Look at What Happens Inside the Resin Briefly

What usually happens is that, water goes through the resin media, as it passes through, hard minerals get stuck on the resin beads. The water now passes through a brine solution, and into your tap. Check out how water softeners work to know more about the whole process.

However, if you suspect that mineral build up on the resin is making your softener less efficient, you can wash it. Here is an article on how to clean a water softener resin.

Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll review some of the most high rated water softener resin to help you choose the best and high quality resin for your unit.

Let’s Jump Right In!

Review: 7 Best Water Softener Resin 2022 Reviewed

1. Purolite C100E Resin

The top position for Best Water Softener Resin goes to Purolite C100E Resin. This product is an industrial grade cation exchange resin.

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Hence, it can excellently handle tough water. As such, most users consider it as being the best resin for iron removal. Therefore, if you’re a private well owner, you can choose Purolite to reduce iron levels in your well water.

On top of that, this Cationic Resin is compatible with almost all water softeners on the market. Hence, it can aid in water hardness reduction, to ensure great tasting water and protection to all water appliances.

Therefore, if you want high quality drinking and cooking water, then you need to invest in Purolite C100 Resin.


  • Facilitates efficient regeneration
  • Excellent kinetic
  • Compatible with many softener units
  • Generates great tasting water
  • Has strong acid cation
  • Removes hardness minerals efficiently


  • Harsh water conditions reduces the efficiency of the resin

2. AFWFilters SOFRES1 Water Resin

The AFWFilters SOFRES1 is another best water softening resin that you might want to consider. This product comes in the form of beads and its ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

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This water softener resin is compatible will almost all water softener units. Further, it has the ability to remove the hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium ions replacing them with sodium. As a result, you get continuous supply of great tasting soft water.

This resin softener also features 8% cross-linked structure that allows it to function well with water that has no chlorine or iron.

In addition, this resin can remove suspended matter, dissolved iron and manganese through the filtering feature on the resin bed. Hence, you can expect it to serve you for over 12 years before doing any replacements.

Furthermore, The AFWFilters SOFRES1 resin is FDA, USDA, and NSF approved. Therefore, it has passed all the regulations and it’s safe for use. Hence, if you want a product that can deliver beyond expectation choose AFWFilters SOFRES1 Water Resin.


  • Compatible with standard water softeners
  • Offers great tasting water
  • Capable of removing dissolved minerals and suspended matter


  • None

3. HydroTec Ion-exchange Resin 

If your water has tested positive for iron or your water softener unit is over 5 years, then you need to use HydroTec Ion-exchange Resin.

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This resin comes in stable sodium form and it passes all regulations for water softening units and conforms to NSF/ANSI standards. Therefore, when using this Best Water Softener Resin, you get excellent results.

The food-grade resin feature 8% crosslink and as such, it’s considered a high performing water softener resin.

If you want quick and long lasting results, pour all the bag contents into the system. Once in the unit, you’ll be amazed that it can serve you for up to 10 years without any replacements.


  • Highly effective
  • NSF / ANSI certified
  • Durable resin bed
  • Suitable for household application


  • Some customers complain that this resin is not durable

4. LiquaGen Ion Exchange Resin

The LiquaGen Ion Exchange Resin is 10% crosslink. This means, it can remove excess iron molecules from your water. Therefore, if your area is notorious for hard water, use this product to reduce the destruction caused by hard water.

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Furthermore, this Ion Exchange Resin features strong acid cation to ensure efficiency and great results.

Another aspect that will impress you about this Best Water Softener Resin is the loading funnel. The loading funnel comes in handy when pouring the formula into the system nothing goes to waste. In addition, with the funnel, it’s easy to replace the resin.

This premium cation resin has high purity level making it ideal for preparing beverages, and foods. It’s also ideal for treating potable water.


  • Affordable
  • Best resin for water with high iron levels
  • Durable
  • 10% crosslink ensures impressive results
  • Comes with a resin loading funnel


  • Some clients complained that they got 8% instead of the 10% crosslink

5. Amanzi Water Softening Resin

The Amanzi Water Softening Resin features an 8% crosslink. Similarly, to all the Best Water Softener Resin we’ve discussed above, this one is also high performing and has received a high rating on Amazon.

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This Cation Exchange Resin is ideal for both commercial and household use and it offers an economical way for softening water. The resin is also compatible with most standard water softener units.

This product also passes all federal guidelines and regulations for potable water use.

The Water Softening Resin removes calcium and magnesium ions that contribute to water hardness and replaces them with sodium ions. However, when the concentration of the hardness mineral is high, the regeneration process begins to remove the excess ion accumulation.


  • High performing
  • Features 8% crosslink
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with most water softeners
  • Life expectancy is 10 years


  • None


We hope that this review on best water softener resin has been helpful to you. A quick reminder though, if you’re using city water we highly recommend the 8% crosslink resin. However, if you depend on private well water use the 10% crosslink resin as it’s more efficient at removing high iron concentrations in wells.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and we will get back to you asap.


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