7 Best Water Softener For Well Water 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the most effective and most affordable ways to soften well water? Well, in this review, we’ll discuss some of the Best Water Softeners for Well Water. Best Water Softener For Well Water

You no longer have to deal with the consequences of hard water like skin irritation, persistent stains, or constant damage to water pipes or appliances.

New and advanced Water Softener systems are developed every day to deal with hard water nuisance. Hence, the following article will guide you to choose the Best Water Softener for Well Water

Reviews: 7 Best Water Softener for Well Water 2023 Reviewed

1. Fleck 48k 5600sxt Iron pro eradicator

Fleck 48k 5600sxt Iron pro eradicator stands out as one of the best water softeners for well water. It’s specifically designed to eliminate manganese, iron, and all types of minerals that make well water hard.

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This Iron pro eradicator features Mediaguard KDF 85, which is specially built for well water. This Mediaguard removes heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and iron from the well water.

We loved the fact that this filter has the capability of filtering 50 grains per gallon of minerals. In essence, this means, the system will effectively handle very hard water.

Hence, notorious minerals that contribute to water hardness like sulfur and iron will be dealt with accordingly.

In addition, the system features fine mesh resin and the KDF-85 Mediaguard. These two work in combination to remove iron minerals and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor). As a result, you get a continuous supply of high-quality soft water.

The Fleck 48k 5600sxt also uses a metered system. This allows you to measure the water used, as well as set the system to regenerate mode. This way, water wastage, and salt used drastically reduces.

This system guarantees you effectiveness in the removal of iron, sulfur, heavy metal pus many other contaminants. Hence, it’s considered one of the best water softeners for well water with iron.

2. ABCwaters Triple Combo Whole House Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Water Softener System

The well water contains high levels of iron. Iron has undesirable effects on skin, hair, clothes, and sinks. Therefore, it’s crucial to completely remove iron from your water systems.

ABCwaters Triple Combo Whole House Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Water Softener System + Upflow Carbon Tank + (HE) 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Unit 75 gpd Check Price On Amazon

ABCwaters Triple Combo will remove iron plus other harmful contaminants from your well water. This is a whole house water softener unit that’s designed to offer you peace of mind.

This system features a 5 stage reverse osmosis system. The well water passes through all these stages to completely remove all the minerals that cause hardness in well water. 

ABCwaters Triple Combo is a digital water softener and it features an LCD screen that shows the unit status. You will immediately know in case of a hiccup.

It will display system error codes. You can troubleshoot using the user’s manual and restore the system back to operation. Your family gets soft and clean water to drink. 

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the regeneration of this system to suit your schedule. Check the user’s manual and adjust the settings accordingly.

This Triple Combo is accredited by WQA and is certified by NSF against standard 44 among other contaminants. Hence, it’s an effective water softening unit.

Another amazing feature is the up-flow carbon tank. This carbon tank facilitates an efficient filtration process and removes contaminants like Pesticides, Herbicides, Chloramines, Chlorine, odors, and unpleasant tastes.

3. Aquasana 5-Year, 500,000 Gallon Well Water Whole House Filter

The Aquasana Well Water softener is one of the best whole house water softeners we’ve come across in our research. 

Aquasana 5-Year, 500,000 Gallon Well Water Whole House Filter with Salt-Free Descaler, UV Filtration and Professional Installation Kit Check Price On Amazon 

The system is specifically designed for well water and it protects against bacteria, viruses, iron, among other contaminants found in well water. 

The system also features a UV filter to protect the well water against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants.

Furthermore, the Aquasana whole house water is one of the best salt-free water softeners we’ve encountered. The system naturally reduces scale accumulation on all drainage, pipes, and appliances.

Another innovative feature that you’ll truly love is Scale Control Media (SCM) technology. This technology aids in naturally conditioning the water without the need for additional sodium.

This technology modifies the composition of the minerals causing water hardness and prevents them from binding and accumulating on appliances.

It’s good to note that Aquasana salt-free water softener does not demineralize water and it does not have undesirable effects on the environment

4. Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener

The triple-action salt-free water softener is also perfect for softening and purifying well water.

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It’s very compact, Eco-Friendly, and comes ready to be installed. In addition, this unit has a fast water flow rate. It can provide up to 30 gallons per minute of soft water. 

Compared to traditional water softener units, this unit doesn’t eliminate hard water grains, rather, it crystallizes and covers the hard water grains using polyphosphate.

This way, the grains don’t attack pipes, clothes, or sinks. Another amazing feature is the 30-micron filter. The filter catches sediments and other harmful contaminants. 

The triple-action salt-free water softener has received NSF Certification for quality at delivering softened water.

5. Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System 

Another awesome water softener for well water is this high-rated Home Master Water Filtration System. 

Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System with Fine Sediment, Iron and Carbon, Blue Check Price On Amazon

The unit can effectively handle well water with a concentration of iron, sulfur, and manganese up to 3 parts per million contaminant load. 

In addition, this unit will remove rust, sediments, dirt, pesticides, and herbicides, among other contaminants from well water without reducing its water pressure.

Home Master Water Filtration System features a 3 stage filtration process. The system has the ability to filter 95,000 gallons. This amount of water will last for a year before you think of any replacements.

The huge filter housing facilitates high water pressure of 15 gallons per minute. As a result, your household is assured of a continuous flow of clean soft water.

Also, this exceptional water filtration system removes over 95% of harmful contaminants from your well water. It also eliminates unpleasant tastes and odors.


There we go, hope you can now make an informed decision and select one of the best water softeners for well water. 

However, it is important to review the water report before deciding on a well water softener or water purification system.

This report will help you know the hardness level of your well water, thus direct you to the right kind of water softener for your well.

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