7 Best Water Filter for Coliform Bacteria 2022 Reviewed

The Best Water Filter for Coliform Bacteria will help you deal with serious disease causing pathogen. Pathogens include protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

These elements can make you sick. An example of coliform bacteria that is also a pathogen include e-coli. E-coli can cause short-term conditions like headaches, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. However, it can also make a person become severely sick. An individual may suffer severe or mild cases of respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders. These may involve pneumonia, violent diarrhea, and watery stool.

Therefore, in this article we’ll review top rated water filters for coliform bacteria to help you eradicate these pathogens once and for all.

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Review: 7 Best Water Filter for Coliform Bacteria

1. S8Q-PA VIQUA Home UltraViolet Water Disinfection System

We begin this review on best water filter for coliform bacteria with this high performing UltraViolet Water Disinfection System from VIQUA.

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For starters, the coliform bacteria filter features UltraViolet Water Disinfection System that works by instantly reducing microorganisms in your drinking water. The filter is ideal for whole house water treatment.

Furthermore, UV light helps to eliminate living organism in your drinking water. Such organisms include Fecal Coliform, Giardia, E-coli, and Cryptosporidium. During the UV light disinfection process the DNA of the microorganisms present in the water are deactivated. This means they become unable to reproduce. This disinfection process doesn’t affect the color, taste, or odor of your water.

In addition, this unit removes a wide range of other contaminants like chlorine taste and many waterborne contaminants.

Other than that, this UltraViolet Disinfection System has a high water flow rate of ten gallons/minute. On top of that, its energy efficient and economical.

In addition, this coliform bacteria water filter is a low maintenance unit and you can replace the UV lamp without switching off the water. Further, the unit includes a visual indicator that alerts you on when to change the lamp. In case of system failure, you’ll hear an alarm which is audible enough so you won’t miss it. Hence, you can take necessary repair actions immediately.

Furthermore, the S8Q-PA VIQUA Home UltraViolet Water Disinfection System is highly durable. Its chamber feature stainless steel material.


  • Removes microorganisms including coliform bacteria from the water
  • Flow rate of ten gallons/minute
  • Highly durable
  • UV disinfection
  • Clear instructions, thus easy to install


  • Some customers experienced challenges with their warranty

2. Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Water Sterilizer

The Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Water Sterilizer is an amazing water purifier system. It has the ability to kill harmful coliform bacteria, viruses, fungi, E-coli, microbes, and Algae. The unit is environmental friendly and it doesn’t alter the color, taste, or odor of the water. You’ll be amazed that the PH of your water doesn’t change.

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Furthermore, Ultraviolet water treatment is one of the most powerful techniques for removing bacteria from your drinking water. The UV rays attack the harmful pathogens in the water and eliminate disease-causing microorganisms by penetrating their DNA. Attacking the DNA means that these pathogens cannot reproduce.

Therefore, we highly recommend using Ultraviolet light to disinfect your drinking water. The method is environmentally safe, incredibly effective and simple to use.

Other than that, the Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Water Sterilizer is a powerful and reliable unit. The unit is a whole house filtration system that has 55W 110V. Further, it has an UltraViolet Light Water Sterilizer that’s ideal for large house. It’s also ideal for treating both the municipal and well water. This water sterilizer is effective for commercial and residential water purification.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Can kill harmful pathogens including coliform bacteria
  • Eliminate disease-causing microorganisms by penetrating their DNA
  • Ideal for commercial and residential water purification
  • It’s environmentally safe
  • Capacity 12 GPM
  • Doesn’t affect the PH of the water
  • Stainless Steel Unit


  • A customer complained of vague instructions

3. RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter 

The RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter removes over 99 percent of all contaminants present in drinking water. The contaminants include bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals  among many other impurities.The unit has a post filter that returns essential minerals like calcium back into the water. Thus, increasing the PH of your water into a balanced alkaline range of 7 to 8 PH.

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Furthermore, the post filter also removes all the remaining contaminants left after the completion of the reverse osmosis process. You can measure your water TDS level and confirm zero TDS from the TDS meter.

You’ll love the convenience of this Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter. You’ll be amazed to learn that this unit requires zero installation. You’ll not have to deal with leaky diverter valves and messy hoses. Simply pour water into the bottom pitcher, push the button and wait for 15 minutes. The unit will turn off once the 15 minutes as lapsed. Enjoy your purified water.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the modern, stylish, and compact design of this unit. It matches well with most kitchen interiors. This is one the best countertop water filter for apartment ad RV’s.

The good part is that you can place this unit anywhere; it doesn’t matter if you’ve limited space. The design of the unit requires that you load and dispense the water from the front. This adds more convenience and flexibility.


  • Best water filter for coliform bacteria and other contaminants
  • 4 stage filtration process
  • Compact design adds convenience
  • Zero installation required
  • Highly efficient


  • A customer complained about leaks at the bottom tank

4. HQUA Ultraviolet Water Purifier

The HQUA Ultraviolet Water Purifier is a UV water purification unit that kills ecoli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. These are serious microbes found mostly in well water. They have the potential to cause severe illnesses in humans.

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The manufacturer has gone an extra mile to explain all the Main Components of this system. Therefore, when you purchase this product, you’ll have the information about your system and how it functions.

Furthermore, the installation and maintenance instructions are available in an easy to understand version. You don’t need any chemical supplement for the installation process. You’ll need to clean the quartz sleeve after 6-12 months and replace after 2very 2 years. Further, you’ll need to replace the lamp annually.


  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable
  • Kills pathogens
  • Environmentally friendly


  • A customer complained about the ballast not functioning after a year of use

5. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Filter

The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage is another exception reverse osmosis system that would remove all traces of coliform bacteria in your drinking water.

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For starters, the unit features one of the best multi-layered filter system (RCC7AK). This filter offers top protection against 1,000+ different kinds of impurities like sodium, chlorine, viruses, and lead among many other contaminants.

You’ll appreciate the easy installation that you can do yourself without any assistance. Everything you need for the installation process including detailed instructions, easy to understand videos, and unmatched technical support. The alkaline filter fits perfectly under most standard sinks.

Other than that, the iSpring RCC7AK reverse osmosis filter feature a 6th stage. This stage includes an alkaline remineralization filter that helps to restore beneficial minerals. Hence, ensures you get water that has a balanced alkalinity level. This means you’ll enjoy a refreshing natural taste of water.

On top of that, among the available under sink filters on the market today, the iSpring RCC7AK has the most long lasting filters. Each of the filters thoroughly removes contaminants while improving the quality of water.

Furthermore, this unit has a transparent housing that offers an opportunity for you to inspect the sediment filter as it removes contaminants from the water. Further, you’ll get to change the filters in time as you’ll immediately see when there is a problem.


  • Supportive support team
  • Easy to understand instructions and video
  • 6-stage filtration system removes all contaminants
  • Long lasting filters
  • Transparent housing ensures you know the right time to replace filter


  • A customer complained that they couldn’t find replacement filters


I hope that this review on best water filter for coliform bacteria has been helpful. For this guide, I’ve strived to provide only the best available coliform bacteria filters. Feel free to contact me below in case of any comments, additions, or suggestions.

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