7 Best Water Cooler Dispensers in 2023 Reviewed

In today’s post, we’ll look at the Best Water Cooler Dispenser. A cooler dispenser plays a huge role in ensuring you remain hydrated by drinking filtered, safe, and healthy water.Best Water Cooler Dispensers

The good thing is that, these units will deliver water in various temperature settings including hot, cold, and room temperature.

But which water dispenser is ideal for you? The market is flooded with a wide range of water dispensers like bottom loading water dispensers, top loading, instant hot water dispensers, and many others.

But worry not! We’ve conducted a comprehensive research to help you make an informed decision. Below, you’ll find a list of top water cooler dispensers, read through and make your choice.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Water Cooler Dispensers 2023 Reviewed

1. Costway 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser

The first spot for best water cooler dispenser goes to Costway 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser. This water cooler has elegant sleek design that will give your home or office a classy look.

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This cooler dispenser has many amazing features and you’ll be glad you choose it. For starters, the dispenser has a Tri-temp push button faucet that allows you to select the type of water temperature you desire. You can choose either hot, cold, or room temperature water.

Furthermore, this water cooler incorporates an ice maker and a water dispenser. The unit can make nine bullet ice cubes within 6-14 minutes. Other than that, it has the ability to produce 27lbs of ice per day. This means you’ll never run out of ice cubes, thus, more convenience.

In addition, the appliance features an exceptional control panel and LED indicators.  This control panel is user friendly, you can easily make ice, cold or hot water. On the other hand, the LED indicators lets you see whether the unit is working. This means, you’ll know each time the unit is heating, making ice, or cooling. You also know when it’s on or off.

On top of that, the appliance comes with a user friendly child safety lock that’s placed on the hot water spout. Thus, eliminating cases of accidental burns.


  • Gives home or office classic appearance
  • Child safety lock
  • Incorporates an ice maker and a water dispenser
  • Multiple temperature setting. Thus you get cold, hot, and room temperature water
  • Control panel and LED indicators ensures easy application of the water dispenser


  • Expensive

2. Avalon A1Top Loading Cooler Dispenser

The Avalon A1Top Loading Cooler Dispenser comes with an innovative stylish design that allows it to fit perfectly even in narrower spaces. The slim design allows the unit to save on space.

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Other than that, this cooler dispenser allows you to have crisp cold and steaming hot water. Therefore, you can prepare refreshing beverages during the hotter days and hot tea or chocolate on colder days.  All this is possible since the water from the hot water tub can reach 180° F while cold water can get to as low as 47° F.

Furthermore, the hot water spout has an exceptional child safety lock that minimizes accidents, thus helps the whole family to become worry free.

Other than that, this cooler dispenser features an energy star rating. Hence, it consumes less power. Further, the weight and size of this water cooler are on the lower side. This means, you can easily move your dispenser to another location with much ease.

If you want to save time and convenience consider this top loader dispenser. You get to save time each time you need to prepare a cup of tea, coffee, or instant soup. You don’t need to wait for your pot to boil. Just pick your cup fill up hot water add your ingredients and enjoy.


  • Lightweight, hence easy to move
  • Child safety lock included
  • Energy star rated for efficiency


  • It can be a challenge to load water on top

3. Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Load Water Cooler

Whirlpool is an industry leader when it comes to producing some of the best high quality consumer products. Among the products produced by this company we have water cooler dispensers.

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We’ll talk about the Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Load Water Cooler that’s highly rated among customers.

For starters, this unit features automatic self-cleaning technology that uses unstable Oxygen to clean the unit as well as breakdown disease-causing microorganisms that might be in your water. Further, the LED indicator will alert you each time the self-cleaning is happening and when the hot and cold water are at their optimum temperature.

Furthermore, this cooler dispenser features three temperature settings to allow you benefit from cold, hot or room temperature water.

What’s more, the bottom loading design makes it easy to load water into the dispenser. You don’t need to carry a heavy gallon and you don’t need extra help to put the gallon in place.

In addition, you’ll love the design of this Whirlpool Self Cleaning water cooler. It’s constructed using durable stainless steel material and has a great finish. You’ll love how it complements your home, kitchen, or office.


  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Bottom loading technology
  • LED indicators


  • Expensive

4. Primo White Bottom-loading Cold and Hot Water Cooler

The Primo bottom loading dispenser is well designed and can complement your home and office to give your space that elegant look.

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The unit incorporates unique child safety characteristics on its hot water spout. Therefore, if you’ve children, you rest easy knowing that they are protected against any harm.

Furthermore, most customers reported that the installation of this cooler was quick and easy. While its bottom loading design removes the hassle of heavy lifting. Its sleek and elegant finish makes it stand out among its competitors.

In addition, this bottom loading dispenser ensures you have uninterrupted supply of piping hot or ice cold water, with just a push of a button you get to enjoy your favorite water instantly. You just need to load your 5 gallon bottle, place the drip tray, and start enjoying your water, no plumbing or complex installation needed.

On top of that, this Primo dispenser water cooler is UL certified and Energy Star rated for efficiency and high performance. The unit features stainless steel reservoirs that ensures durability. You can load 3 to 5 gallon water bottle.


  • UL certified and Energy Star rated
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • Bottom loading design


  • Some customers complained that nightlight doesn’t function well

5. Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

The Farberware FW29919 Freestanding water cooler is on of the best water dispenser for office. It can load 5 gallon water bottles, so its refilling frequency is mini minimized. Thus, it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a dispenser for your business.

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Furthermore, the unit features a Bottom storage cabinet. This is an underneath storage space, where you can store disposable cups or extra drinks.

Other than that, the Farberware FW29919 is energy efficient and operates on energy saving mode to allow save on energy bill. However, it uses 75 watts to cool or chill water to 59F and 550 watts to heat water to up to 94F. The thermo-electric cooling enables the water cooler maintain suitable water temperature.

Overall, most users love the cooler’s energy efficient and compact design. It matches well with both home and office interior.


  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Thermo-electric cooling
  • Bottom storage cabinet
  • Compact design


  • A customer complained that the unit has slow water flow rate

6. Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Dispenser

The Clover B14A has received a high rating on Amazon and most customers are pleased with its high performance.

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This unit features durable construction. The cold and hot water reservoirs are made with sturdy stainless steel material. Therefore, your water cannot get contaminated with viruses or bacteria. Thus, you’re assured of clean and healthy water. On top of that, you’ll not notice any funny tastes or unpleasant odors from your water.

In addition, the unit comes with adjustable temperature controls. Hence, cold water is maintained between 35°- 53° F. on the other hand, hot water is automatically controlled and can reach up to 185°. But, you can turn the water on or off using the switch. This way you save on energy bills by using less electricity.

Furthermore, this water cooler has received an energy star rating. This means it adheres to strict energy-efficiency regulations as set by the Department of Energy and EPA.

Other than that, the unit comes with a child safety lock on the hot water faucet. This means everyone especially children are protected from accidental burns.


  • Energy star rated, thus high efficiency
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Safety lock on the hot water spout


  • This a top loading water dispenser, you’ll need to lift the water bottle during refilling

The Best Water Cooler Dispenser Buying Guide

When thinking about the best water cooler dispenser there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you bring home a high performing and efficient unit.

It’s crucial that you research and read reviews from other customers so that you make an informed decision.

Consider the following before making your purchase

Your Household Size

Establish the amount of water you consume as a household on a daily basis. Do your calculation. If your household is large, you might need to load the 5 gallon water bottle. If you’re not many, you may settle on the 3 gallon bottle.

Temperature Settings

In this review, we’ve complied heating and cooling units for cold and hot water. Different manufacturers have included different features to make their units stand out among the rest. Each coolers has its peak for hot and cold water settings.so depending on your needs you’ll choose on that’s best for you.


How much are you willing to spend on your water cooler? You should that, an expensive product is not always the best. Just go through the features of each product and make your selection. You don’t to choose an expensive device. There are others that are inexpensive but highly efficient.


Does the system you intend to buy has safety features? Instant hot water dispensers are risky especially if they come with no safety features. Luckily, all the water cooler dispensers we’ve reviewed have great safety features to ensure that your children remain protected from accidental burns.

Types of Water Dispensers to Consider

Bottom-Load Dispenser

The Bottom loading water dispenser is a perfect choice for anyone who dislikes heavy lifting. This type of cooler hides the water bottle in the lower cabinet. So it’s the best water cooler for office or any other public space.

With this type loading design, you don’t need to lift the bottle and turn it upside down to connect to the dispenser. Just slide it at the bottom of the dispenser. Bottom load dispensers are the best for elderly people and o water spillage is reported for these units.

Countertop Water Dispenser

Countertop water dispenser are recommended for those with smaller kitchens. The countertop cooler will allow you use the little space you have and enjoy the advantages of a dispenser.

In addition you may consider Countertop Water filters if you suspect the safety of your water.

Top-Load Dispenser

The top load dispenser requires you to lift the water bottle and turn it upside down on the cooler unit. This units are affordable than the bottom loading dispensers. They are also easy to operate.


We’ve provided a comprehensive review plus detailed buying guide on the best water cooler dispenser. We hope you’re better informed and can choose a cooler dispenser from a knowledge point of view. Take into account everything we’ve discussed and we promise you a great experience with your water cooler.

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