7 Best Salt Free Water Softeners 2022 Reviewed

Looking for the best salt-free water softeners? Best Salt Free Water Softeners You’re right on time!

Salt-free water softeners (or descalers) use mediums like potassium chloride or magnetic sleeves to prevent the formation of scales in pipes and appliances. 

They’ll also dechlorinate your water to give a salt-free taste. 

In this Water Purification Guide, this is what you’ll learn: My #1 salt-free water softener and what salt-free water softeners are and how they work. 

So, let’s get those credits rolling!

Reviews: 7 Best Salt-Free Water Softeners 2022 Reviewed

The models neutralize minerals converting them into crystals that won’t clog pipes. Others suspend grains of hard water, coat minerals in hard water, but others have a full-filter design.

1. Hard Water Bullet Triple Action (Uses polyphosphates) – Our Top Pick 

This Hard Water Bullet (Triple Action) uses an electro-Mechanical Catalytic action and hence a great salt-free water softener for well water. You won’t have cubic-feet or resin calculation.

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 It has quick action easily allowing a 30 gallons/minute flow of water – which will allow a constant supply of water in your household. The electro-Mechanical Catalytic action will break up the calcium minerals into smaller particles and thus prevent the formation of scales that would accumulate in your pipes, and piping fixtures.

The water softener has inbuilt filters and conditioners that’ll reduce the limescale and remove all calcium carbonate. Hard Water Bullet has a steel filter (30-micron) that’ll be easy to remove and service. Therefore, it’s possible for homeowners to save costs related to replacing your water filters.

Besides, this Hard Water Bullet is waterproof and thus you can install it even outdoors provided it won’t freeze. I know you’ll love that this Poly Hard Water softener has a fully replaceable media and a plastic body with zero-BPA. But, you’ll need to replace the polyphosphates in every 6 to 12 months, and the filter once in a year.

Luckily, this water softener is delivered with its mounting bracket. However, this Hard Water Bullet won’t remove iron and chloramine. Further, since the inlet comes with a 1-inch diameter., you might require some additional connectors.

Hard Water Bullet filter will stop the sediments but minerals wull readily go through the filter’s polyphosphate coating. But why polyphosphate? Well, polyphosphate will prevent the sticking of hard water minerals onto surfaces such as pipes.

  • Salf free filter suitable for filtering well water 
  •  Offers a fast water flow rate (30 gallons/minute)
  • Low maintencae costs & Easy to install
  • Lightweight water filter (just 4 pounds) 
  • None

2. Magnetic 2-Unit Water Softner (Electro-Magnetic Waves) – Runner-Up

For both new and veteran homeowners, Magnetic Water Technology is a brand that you wouldn’t assume when it comes to water purification and softening sector. This unit is very budget-friendly, besides being very powerful, holds a high number of magnets (6), also the heaviest. 

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Magnetic 2-Unit Combo softener combines the Duplex model (for hot water) and the Medium model (for cold water lines). The Magnetic 2-Unit Combo, using hydro-magnetic technology, requires no electricity, filters, polyphosphates, or salt.

So what can the Magnetic 2-Unit Combo do for you? It’ll reduce limescale, calcium, and other minerals that may be triggering the hard water spots on your water lines. 

First things first, in the whole of my water softening career I’ve not found any other water softener that’s as easy to install and maintain like the Magnetic Water Treatment– including this  Magnetic 2-Unit Combo.

With this Magnetic 2-Unit Combo descaler, you won’t interfere with plumbing or piping work. Besides, you won’t need bypass valves, plumbing, or expensive installations. You’ll require to just coil some wires or magnetic wraps around the pipes! 

The plug-in magnetic sleeves with magnets will produce a magnetic field (comparable to the electromagnetic waves) around your pipes and thus the grains of the minerals in your water will be suspended.

The mineral grains move further from the pipe walls and thus won’t clog the pipes. Hence, you’ll experience a better flow of water and have less maintenance that would otherwise be caused by drain clogs in your piping work.

  • Has both the Duplex model (for hot water) and the Medium model  (for cold water) 
  • Reduce limescale, calcium 
  • No piping or plumbing work required
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Budget-friendly softtener 
  • None

3. Aquasana Whole House Salt-Free softener (Has Full Filters) 

Aquasana Whole House is also a salt free model (using UV Sterilight Filtration) that’ll coat the molecules of your hard water, which means that you’ll drink safer water.  

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Besides that Aquasana Whole House will remover over 95 percent of the chlorine in your city water, it’ll also eliminate herbicides, pesticides, and chloramines.

It’ll give you a flow rate of 7 gallons/minute, which is slightly lower but will be adequate for running your 2 showers, dishwasher, and kitchen faucet. But this water softener weighs about 16 pounds and measures 54 inches, which is significantly heavier. 

But why remove chloramines and chlorine from city water? Well, these chemicals are mainly added to sanitize your water but they are notorious for drying human skin and hair just like it happens with hard water.

Aquasana Whole House will significantly sort the issue of having hard water in your home. For example, this softner can easily treat and filter  1M gallons of water, which I would estimate will last for over 9 years. 

  • Quick action time
  • Delivers chemical-free and equally soft water at a budget
  • Homeowners won’t incur salt or utility-related costs
  • Eco-friendly treatment
  • Strong build to last over 9 years
  • Not remmeneded if your haouse has 3+ bedrooms

4. Aquios AQFS220 Full House Salt-Free Water Softener

Compared to the high-priceed Aquasana model, the Aquios AQFS220 will give you equally good services but at a lower price.


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The model has the 5-micron filter to easily remove the scales, water sediments, chlorine, and other chemicals but doesn’t lose pressure.

Despite having a single filter cartridge (the whole house type), many homeowners can easily install the Aquios AQFS220 in-line system that’s just about 7.5 pounds without needing help.

Aquios AQFS220 water softener has a dual mode of action – i.e. (1) Injects polyphosphate to the water with the aim of softening it, and (2) removes sediments and chemicals.

Luckily, this softner unit requires no electricity to function and its filter will last for about 6 months, which implies a reduced running and maintenance cost for you.

However, you’ll require to change the filter within 6 months or after 40,000 gallons of water softening. Note that Aquios AQFS220 has an indicator for the number of water gallons you’ve softened.

  • Easy to install even alone
  • Compact design 
  • Has one filter (and not 4)
  • Eco Friendly
  • Budget-friendly yet quite effective
  • Its both a filter and softener device
  • Removes sediments, chlorine, and chemicals
  • Needs filter replacement in 6 months

5. Aquasana Rhino Whole House 6-Stage (Suitable for Well Water)

Aquasana Rhino 6-stage is uniquely designed for filtering and softening water from your well. Combining the salt-free softener and the sterilizing UV light ensures that you get very clean water – removing about 97% water chlorine. 

Aquasana Rhino Whole House 6-Stage (Suitable for Well Water) Check Price On Amazon

With about 5 components in its line, Aquasana Rhino 6-stage is one of the largest and equally heavy (80 lbs) salt-free water softeners available. But how is this helpful? Well, the included up-flow design will a maximum amount of water will flow via the media without reducing the water pressure or flow rate.

You’ll get a 7 gallons per minute as its flow rate. But don’t let the temperature to go over 90 degrees F or above 100 PSI in pressure. Further, its NAC salt-free technology will soften the water and thus prevent the formation of scales while still making the water suitable for appliances, your hair, and skin.

Luckily, the Aquasana Rhino 6-stage uses the SimplySoft UV Filter, which will kill cysts, germs, and remove zinc, copper, and other contaminants using a UV light (20-inch pre-filter).

Further, the filter will remove pesticides and herbicides using the activated carbon media (35-micron post-filter). This implies that the final water will be safe for household appliances, bathing, and cooking.

  • Includes the Pre-filter and post-filter stages
  • SimplySoft UV Filter to kill poathogens like germs and cycts
  • Designed for the polyphosphate technology
  • None

6. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative

Definitely, this Eddy Electonic Decscaler one is even more unique model as it uses an electonic circuit, and not rge regular cartridges. You’ll need to coil the coild aroudn the pipes. 

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative Check Price On Amazon

The softener will not add or remove any ingredients to your water but will prevent the formation of scales in the pipes and faucets. This comes in handy when it’s about removing ant limestone build up in your pipes. 

Luckily, you won’t require any plumbing or piping work to install this salt-free water softener. All you’ll require are a mounting bracket but no nails or wrenches.

Since Eddy Electonic Decscaler is electric and sadly not waterproof, you’re advised not to mount it on the outdoor spaces. But why? Well, doing so might lead to a fire outbreak due to short-circuiting.

  • Create a magnetic field to overcome scaling
  • Ease of instalaltion and maintance (No piping or plumbing work needed)
  • Leave all helpful minerals intact
  • No filters, resins, or addition of salt
  • Budget-friendly
  • No outdoor installation

Do salt-free water softeners work?

Water softening involves replacing magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) ions with sodium ions (Na+) from your well water using a polymer resin (that’s actually negtaively charged). The softeners don’t require regeneration cycle or even salt to remove drain the minerals.

Well, salt-free water softeners will simply condition the hard water minerals. Conditioning, in this case, implies transforming calcium and magnesium ions to prevent them from precipitating into scales or clinging on your pipes.


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