7 Best Refrigerator Water Filter 2023 Reviewed

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Review: 7 Best Refrigerator Water Filter 2023 Reviewed

Before we begin this review, please note that you should take a closer look at each water filter and see if it’s compatible with your fridge model.

Enter the model number of your fridge on the box provided on Amazon and see if the filter is compatible with your unit.

Let’s continue!

1. Samsung Da29-00020b Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Da29-00020b-1P refrigerator Water Filter is compatible with almost all Samsung refrigerators.

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This refrigerator filter removes the taste and smell of chlorine. It also removes heavy metals like mercury, lead, atrazine, benzene, and Lindane, 2-4-D.

This Samsung product is NSF-certified and meet the highest quality standards for water purification. Hence, it delivers safe, clean, and great-tasting water.

Furthermore, the filter retains all essential and healthy minerals like potassium in the water. Therefore, your body gets to benefit from the nutritional value of these minerals.

This Samsung Water Filter has an exceptional carbon block mechanism. The carbon block eliminates many harmful contaminants, leaving the water tasting delicious and smelling great.

Another amazing feature is the filter light indicator. This Samsung Water Filter alerts you when it’s time to change the filter. When you see a red light, then you know it’s time to do the replacements. Regular filter change extends the life of this product.

This product is also durable. You’ll use it for 6 months or use 350 gallons before you think of any replacements.

Samsung filters come in different packaging; the one-pack, the two pack, and the three pack. Hence, you get to choose the most convenient choice for you.

2. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

The MWF Refrigerator Water Filter fits pretty well with most GE refrigerators. This product removes a wide range of contaminants like lead, pharmaceuticals including progesterone, ibuprofen, and others.

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This model features a sleek design that makes the installation easy. The manufacturer also provides installation instructions to make the set up fast and easy.

The MWF Refrigerator Filter is inexpensive and is ideal for those on a budget. The filter will also last for 6 months before you replace. Meaning, you get to enjoy great tasting water for all that period.

Furthermore, this product features an advanced filtration technology. This technology guarantees you contaminant-free drinking water. On top of that, twist and lock design of the product makes filter replacement quiet easy and fast.

With MWF Refrigerator Water Filter, you don’t need to worry about the filtered water quality. This product is NSF certified

3. Waterdrop UKF8001Refrigerator Water Filter

Waterdrop UKF8001Refrigerator Water Filter is one of the most efficient water filtration systems that delivers healthier and great tasting water.

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This product is NSF 42 certified to remove chlorine odor and taste to provide you clean refreshing water on demand. The model is also NSF 372 certified to remove lead

You’ll be glad to know that the Waterdrop filters eliminate impurities in the water and does not slow down the water. This filter removes chlorine, sediment, rust, cyst, and dirt, among other contaminants.

Furthermore, this model features Leak-proof technology that makes fitting the filter easy and without any water leaks.

4. LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter

LG LT700P filter is compatible with French door LG and four door-dispensing fridges.

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This product is NSF certified to provide clean and safe water. The product eliminates chlorine odor and taste in water. Furthermore, it reduces heavy metals like mercury, benzene, asbestos, and leads.

This model boosts of high filtration capacity. The filter delivers about 200 gallons of clean water. This amount of water will last you for about 6 months. After, that, you need to replace the filters.

Another great aspect of this LG filter is its ease in installation. The control panel also features a filter indicator. The indicator will alert you the appropriate time to replace the filter. However, if you notice any foul taste or smell in the water, you can change the filter. In addition, a slow water flow rate is clear indication that your filters has been clogged with particles, so it’s good to replace it.

Just a side note: LT700P is the best water filter for LG refrigerators. The market is full of ineffective and cheap imitations of this filter. So, be cautious while purchasing and make the right choice.

You can also checkout Amazon product description to find out LG refrigerators that are compatible with LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter.

5. EveryDrop Whirlpool refrigerator water filter

The Everydrop Filter 1 by Whirlpool is an exceptional choice and is compatible with many refrigerator brands. They include Maytag, Whirlpool, JennAir, Amana, and KitchenAid.

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Furthermore, this refrigerator water filter offers excellent contaminant reduction with its Triple Filtration Technology. It will remove up to 99% of lead plus other contaminants like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and waterborne parasites. It also is NSF certified to reduce 401, 53 and 42 contaminants.

Furthermore, The Everydrop Filter 1 is durable. This filter will deliver 200 gallons of water or 3 months of use before filter replacement is done. Hence, you’ll get fresh, clean, and great-tasting water on demand. The water flow is also great (0.75 – 0.80 GPM); you’ll not experience a reduction in water pressure. This filter also fits bottom freezer, top freezer, and side-by-side refrigerators.


We hope that this review has helped you get the best refrigerator water filter. We have provided comprehensive features and characteristics of each refrigerator water filter. These water filters for refrigerators are highly rated for their ability to remove many contaminants in water leaving the water safe for drinking. This review will go a long way in ensuring you get only the best water filter for your fridge.

Nevertheless, remember to check the compatibility of your fridge with any water filter you choose to purchase. Just fill the refrigerator’s model number on the provided box and choose a filter that’s right for you.

You can also check out our review on best inline water filter for icemaker. The inline water filters also remove a wide range of contaminants. They also eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors from ice to give your drinks great taste and smell.


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