Top 7 Best Rain Barrels 2023 Reviewed

In this article, we present Best Rain Barrels. Are you looking for the most affordable, well-constructed and reliable rain barrels? If your answer is yes, you’re at the right place.

Best Rain Barrels
Best Rain Barrels

Best Rain Barrels makes it possible for anyone to collect and store rainwater. This water can come in handy during drought, hot summer days or during major water restrictions. You can use the stored rainwater to irrigate your gardens and lawn or use it in other household chores.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll review some of the top rated rain barrels, to help you make that critical buying decision.

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Barrels: 7 Best Rain Barrels 2023 Reviewed

1. Good Ideas RWURN Rain Barrel

The RWURN Rain Barrel from Good Ideas is one of the best rain barrels. It has many amazing features that make rain harvesting enjoyable.

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For starters, this rain wizard has a planter at the top. This feature aids in draining excess water. Hence, prevent root rot.

Further, this is a large capacity tank; you get to store 65 gallons. This amount of water is sufficient to cater for your water needs like watering your garden. In case of any eventuality like water restriction or drought, you’ll have enough water to take you through the hard period.

If you care about style and elegance while rain harvesting, then this is the barrel for you. It has urn shape and color, giving it that natural look and style allowing it to blend perfectly with your garden or home.

This barrel also features a reliable mesh screen. This screen blocks insects, debris, and other contaminants and prevents them from getting into the collected water.

Other than that, this durable unit is endowed with a strong brass spigot that is resistant to rust and breakages.


  • The barrel can hold 65 gallons
  • Mesh screen blocks mosquitoes and debris from accessing the water
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Has overflow vents that allows excess water to get out once barrel is full.


  • The top of the urn doesn’t open up to allow easier cleaning

2. FCMP Outdoor RC4000 Rain Barrel

The FCMP RC4000 is an outdoor rain barrel that’s large and durable. It has the ability to hold 75 gallons of water. This is an impressive amount of water that would ensure you don’t experience water shortage.

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The barrel also has a remarkable aluminum mesh screen. This screen helps to prevent mosquitoes and debris from getting into to the stored water. Hence, you and your family remain safe from insect borne illnesses.

Another great feature is the reliable overflow system. This means any excess water gets to flow away without staying under the barrel to prevent rot.

This rain barrel also features a flat design on its back and a large opening. This ensures quick installation and easy fixing of the downspout.

Furthermore, the spigots on the barrel make it easy to connect several rain harvesting barrels, joining them together to create an even greater storage capacity for your rainwater.


  • Easy to install
  • Can join with other barrels for more water capacity
  • Excellent overflow system
  • Safety features for pet and child
  • Mesh screen blocks insects, debris, and other contaminants


  • The non-detachable bars at the top makes it hard to completely cleanup the barrel.

3. Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel

Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel that has a high water storage capacity. It can hold up to 65 gallons of water. Other than that, it has an exceptional design, you would think it’s a vase with its ceramic pottery and long lasting resilience of modern plastic, but it’s a great water storage vessel.

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This barrel is constructed using durable rotomolded plastic that can withstand harsh temperatures. As a result, they will not crack, fade, or chip over time. The planter at the top increases the decorative appeal of this vessel. Its also easy to remove to allow cleaning.

This rainwater barrel also features a brass spigot, a screen guard that’s resistant to corrosion, and a reliable shut-off nozzle.


  • Stylish and elegant barrel
  • High capacity barrel it can hold 65 gallons
  • Constructed using durable rotomolded plastic


  • Lacks an overflow hose

4. RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel

The RTS Home Accents feature an authentic oak texture that’s resistant to rot, fading, or insect infestation. Most buyers are pleased with this exceptional barrel because of its durable construction and elegant finish.

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In addition, the 50-gallon capacity ensures that you get to store enough water to be used when it’s most needed.

If you want to increase the storage capacity of your water, you can join this barrel with others. This way, you’ll have adequate water for all your needs.

The barrel also has an overflow valve at the front to ensure that water doesn’t flood around when the barrel gets full. You can also decide to buy a stand (this is optional) to allow you easy access to the stored water.


  • Elegant oak finish
  • Can connect with multiple barrels to enhance water storage capacity
  • Straightforward instructions make installation quick and easy


  • Some Customers complain that the barrel bows outwards once full

5. Gardener’s Supply Company Rain Barrel

You’ll be amazed to know that this simple shaped barrel has so many exceptional features, and that’s how it found its way on this review for best rain barrels.

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The Gardener’s Supply Company Rain Barrel has water storage capacity of 75 gallons. This is enough water for your gardening needs.

On top of that, the barrel has decorative but steady fit. So you can be sure that this barrel is stable and can’t get tipped over by strong winds. Other than that, this unit passes through rotational molding plastic procedure to allow it withstand harsh temperatures.

This rain barrel features a childproof top that comes with an amazing non-corroding screen that catches debris and leaves. You can also use the overflow spout to connect another barrel, hence increase the amount of the water collected.


  • Overflow spout allows you connect another barrel
  • Holds 75 gallons of rainwater
  • The barrel is steady and is constructed to withstand harsh climate conditions


  • The spigot is clogged easily
  • Some customers complain that the large holes on the filter allows debris and insects to get into the water

6. Upcycle Rain Barrel

Another exceptional and best rain barrel that has received many positive reviews on Amazon is the Upcycle Rain Barrel. The unit boasts of many amazing features and most homeowners are pleased by its high performance.

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This barrel is well designed, durable, and quiet east to set up. It’s constructed with high-density polyethylene. Hence, you can except to use it over the long-term.

You’ll appreciate the pre-installed fittings that make the installation process straightforward. Furthermore, the barrel has a durable lid that blocks debris and insects. In addition, cleaning this barrel is easy as you can unscrew the lid and access the inside of the barrel.


  • Holds 55 gallons of rainwater
  • Recycled plastic


  • None


Purchasing one of the best rain barrels can be an excellent idea, especially if your region has long drought spells or frequent water restrictions. You wouldn’t want rainwater to go to waste, then later suffer because you didn’t conserve any. Moreover, rainwater conservation helps you to cut the water bill and save the environment.

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