7 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters 2023 Reviewed

The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater guarantees you uninterrupted supply of hot water to your faucets, showers, and other hot water appliances like washing machines.

Therefore, if you are planning to switch from a traditional water heater or just need to buy a new one out of convenience, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive review on some of the top Electric Tankless Water Heater. This review will enable you make an informed purchasing decision. You can also check out Best Gas Tankless Water Heaters. Let’s Get Started!

Reviews: 7 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters 2023 Reviewed

1. ECO 36 Electric Water Heater

Ecosmart Company is widely known for manufacturing some of the top and high rated Electric Water Heater. The company focusses on green energy and eco-friendly products and ECO 36 tankless Water Heater is no exception.

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It’s a perfect fresh water device that can supply water to farms, cabins, and rural homes with wells that

Most of the people who have already used this product are pleased with its efficiency and high performance. It’s a perfect water heater for apartments or small offices.

The system boasts of high water flow rate in both cold and hot climates. For instance, it can deliver 3.5 gallons/minute in places like northern U.S that have low water temperature (37°F). This means, you can use two showers simultaneously and you’ll always have sufficient hot water.

On the other hand, areas with hot climates get to benefit even more with the ECO 36. Hot climate Places like southern U.S, can effortlessly fulfil high demand of hot water. With high temperatures of as high as 67°F , this unit can generate 6.5 gallons/minute. This means you’ll always have enough supply hot water to cater for your large family. Hence, you can use 4 showers plus a sink all at the same time without running out of hot water.

Furthermore, the ECO 36 features a Modulating Technology. This is a digital temperature control system allows you to adjust your temperature according to your preference.

2. Bosch Electric 3000 T

Another exceptional point-of-use electric mini-tank water heater is this German made Bosch Electric 3000 T.

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It’s a perfect fresh water device that can supply water to farms, cabins, and rural homes with wells that

This unit is compact but very efficient. You can install it anywhere, but it’s well suited under the sink to provide you hot water just when you need it. You can also mount on the wall either vertically or horizontally

The Bosch Electric 3000 is ideal for both residential and commercial uses. It provides a reliable hot water source for all your hot water needs.

Furthermore, the unit features an amazing glass-lined tank to ensure it’s well-insulated. It also offers 94 percent thermal efficiency. Further, you can easily control the water temperature using the switch dial. Its temperature ranges between 65°F and 145°F. This temperature range is ideal for any hot water activity you may have.

In addition, to ensure that you and your family remain safe while using this electric tankless heater, the unit comes with pressure relief valve and a temperature control system.

3. Eltron Tempra Plus 36

The Tempra Plus  from Stiebel Eltron is another powerful and high performing electric water heater. It’s ideal for both commercial and whole house application.

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It’s a perfect fresh water device that can supply water to farms, cabins, and rural homes with wells that

It is highly ranked because of its impressive flow rate. It can supply 4 gallons/minute of hot water and the water temperature can raise up to 50°F. Therefore, if you’re in such of a top performing hot water heater, consider Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus.

Another exceptional feature is the Digital temperature control. With this feature, you get to set your most preferred water temperature between the ranges of 86°F – 140°F. Further, the flow control feature automatically adjusts the water flow thereby preventing awful temperature fluctuations. As a result, you get uninterrupted supply of hot water on demand.

Other than that, no venting is required when installing this unit. Therefore, the installation is quick and easy. No need of a professional, just follow the provided manual and within no time, your unit will be running. It’s also good to mention that this unit saves 15-20% of electricity.

4. Rheem RTEX-18

Another best electric tankless water heater is this high performing Rheem RTEX-18. This unit offers on demand and guarantees continuous supply of hot water for various applications.

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It’s a perfect fresh water device that can supply water to farms, cabins, and rural homes with wells that

According to the manufacturer, this unit can deliver up to 4 gallons/minute. However, those that are already using the unit say that they get about 3- 3.4 gallons/hour. This is still enough hot water to cater for small and medium size homes. The unit allows various applications to run simultaneously. For instance, you can use showers, sinks, and other water appliances all at the same time.

Rheem RTEX-18 is also elegant and blends perfectly with most household interior design. Further, the unit is easy to install, you don’t need to set it up. Just follow the directions on the user manual.

On top of that, RTEX-18 is well compact, and it size is quiet small (4” X 15” X19”). This means, you don’t need to rearrange your house, it can fit in a very small space.

5. Rheem 240V RTEX-13

The Rheem RTEX-13 is a bit cheaper than the electric heaters we’ve reviewed above. That is not to say that its less effective. In fact, at this price range, it’s one of the most high rated electric water heater you might decide to choose.

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It’s a perfect fresh water device that can supply water to farms, cabins, and rural homes with wells that

If this is your first water heater purchase, you should start with this one, then upgrade later after you’re sure of the features you want.

Rheem RTEX-13 is 99.8 percent energy efficient. Thus, it delivers continuous supply of hot water just when you need it. Hence, you can have multiple applications simultaneously. With the 4 gallons/minute, you can use the shower and a sink at the same time.

This unit has a digital temperature display that’s enables you easily regulate the water temperature accodingly. Hence, you can adjust the water temperature from ranges of 80°F to 140°F.

Further, Rheem RTEX-13 is well compact. Its small size makes ideal for small to medium seized homes. It doesn’t take much space.


The Best electric water heater provides extraordinary convenience and efficiency while using less amounts of energy to generate enough hot water.   The electric heaters allows you save energy costs by over 15%. Further, their compact design ensure that they don’t take a lot of space, and most can be installed under the sink. In addition, these units don’t need a vent, so, the installation cost reduces drastically.

However, before deciding on one of these water heaters. Consider the kind of climate you have in your area. Is it cold or warm? Then choose the most suitable unit for your climate.

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