7 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher 2022 Reviewed

Do you still think owning an alkaline pitcher is a luxury in this day and age of heavy water pollution? Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

I hope not. Probably why you are on this page? Given the high amount of acidic foods that we consume, drinking healthy alkaline water seems the only safest way.

Alkaline filters will remove chlorine and other toxins from your tap water as well as raise the pH of your water.

Read on to find out our review of the best alkaline pitchers for you to choose from.

Reviews: 7 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher 2022 Reviewed

1. EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher – My Top Pick

Our best alkaline water pitcher goes to The EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher. EHM Ultra boasts of a 7-stage filtration cartridge that can remove heavy metals, eliminate micro-organisms, chlorine, and other contaminants.

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This pitcher will improve the quality of your water to make it healthy for your body. Through remineralization, EHM Ultra Premium increases the pH level of your tap water from 8.5 to 9.5.

As well, it adds magnesium, potassium, calcium and several anti-oxidants to improve the taste and remove the odor of your filtered water.

The water from this pitcher tastes like mineral water. The EHM cartridge will last you for about 80 gallons/ 300 liters. This should take you for about 2 months but depends on your consumption.

Looking at the performance of this 3.5 Alkaline water pitcher, we highly consider it pretty affordable. However, the jug does not have a replacement indicator; hence you can never tell when your filter is almost up for a replacement.


  • 7 stage filtration process removes many contaminants
  • Improves water taste
  • Adds essential minerals like calcium
  • long lasting delivers 300 liters or 2 months of use without replacements


  • The jug doesn’t  have an indicator, so its hard to tell when its time for replacement

2. Wamery Water Pitcher (Alkaline) Comes with a free filter cartridge

Second, on our list is the Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher. Aside from that the design and engineering of the jug are very noticeable. The pitcher is made from BPA free materials, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

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Its capacity per refill is 8 cups so you will need about 3 refills a day if you use it constantly. The filter itself will last you for about 2 months before the next refill. Lucky for you, Wamery gives you an extra free filter upon purchase.

The filter gets rid of all impurities, contaminants and harsh chemicals in your tap water including chlorine. It also increases the pH of your tap water with 4-5 points on the max leaving your water smooth, tasteful and healthy.

A great feature by the Wamery, is the LED indicator on top of the jug. It alerts you when the next filter replacement is due.

What you will love most about this pitcher is the fact that any standard filter design will work on it. So you can go for any filter that your budget allows once you are out of your Wamery filter. The only limiting factor you might find with this pitcher is its capacity- 2 liters and the short filter lifespan.


  • Features BPA free material
  • Elegant design
  • Removes harmful contaminants from water
  • provides great-tasting water
  • Features LED indicator
  • Compatible with most filters


  • Short filter lifespan

3. Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

Another very popular pitcher in the market is the Lake Industries alkaline water pitcher. Its ergonomic design stands out making it space-conscious and easy to operate.

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The material used to make the pitcher is not only BPA free but also food grade, so it poses no health risks.

Its 7-stage filtering cartridge contains mineral balls, carbon, and ion resins to remove pollutants, heavy metals and chlorine from your tap water. It removes about 90% of these contaminants effectively. You can be sure that your water is safe to drink

Not only that, minerals and nutrients are added to your tap water to up its pH level. This makes your water taste even better while improving your overall health.

I am certain you will love its lid. You don’t have to remove the top cover when filling the reservoir. The reservoir itself can hold up to 2.5 liters of alkalinized water.

This pitcher has a filtration capacity of 40 gallons which may require you to change it every once in three weeks. But don’t worry about the replacement cost, the filters are pretty cheap!

The only downside to this pitcher is that the lid may come off easily during use, but with careful usage, it will stand the test of time.


  • Features BPA free
  • 7-stage filtering process
  • Removes pollutants
  • Adds minerals and nutrients back into the water
  • Filters are pretty cheap


  • The lid may come off easily during use

4. Dragon Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liter Pitcher With 7-Stage Filter

The Dragon Alkaline pitcher will make your water safe for drinking, healthy, odorless and full of taste.This premium pitcher has a high-quality cartridge that is made from BPA free and food grade materials.

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Its FDA approved filter does not allow any heavy metals to pass through such as lead, iron, copper, and zinc. Also, it eliminates contaminants and pollutants.

Every filter holds a maximum filtration capacity of about 120 gallons which should take you for almost 2 months. This is last a relatively longer period than most filters in the market. Remember to remove the shipping sticker at the bottom of the cartridge before you start using the pitcher.

Another advantage that will give your peace knowing is that the filter reduces the size of water molecules to make it easily absorbed by your body.

With a capacity of 3.5 liters, this is the largest of the pitchers we have reviewed here but not too large not to fit into any fridge available in the market. You will not have to keep refilling your pitcher frequently throughout the day. But, this pitcher does not get rid of fluoride in your tap water.


  • FDA approved
  • BPA free filter
  • Eliminates contaminants
  • Delivers 120 gallon or 2 months of use


  • Doesn’t remove fluoride

5. Naples Naturals Alkaline Water Pitcher

Our very last review goes to the Naples Naturals alkaline water pitcher. It stood out to us because it removes fluoride in tap water aside from the usual contaminants found in tap water- heavy metals, harsh chemicals and pollutants.

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Its filters raise the pH of your tap water to 9.5 as well as release some minerals to the water. This softens the hard water and improves the taste of the water. With the Naples Naturals alkaline water pitcher, you can count on it to give you premium silky smooth water clean, healthy water.

The filter’s maximum filtration capacity stands at an impressive 79 gallons/ 300 liters which should last you for about 75 days — the largest capacity we’ve seen so far. Luckily, the pitcher comes with an additional free filter, so you have about 5 months before your first purchase of a filter.

The filters are not the only impressive thing about the Naples Naturals alkaline water pitcher; its design is worth a mention. The pitcher’s ergonomic handle and practical lid make it easy to operate.

Naples Naturals is also made of thick, sturdy plastic that is BPA free and up to the food grade standard. You can be certain it won’t pose any health risks to you or your family. The only challenge we found with this filter is the slowness of the filters in passing water.


  • Removes fluoride
  • Softens water and makes it taste sweet
  • Delivers 79 gallons/ 300 liters  or 75 days of use
  • Comes with an extra free filter
  • BPA free material


  • The filter is a bit slow


There you go – 5 of the best alkaline water pitcher in 2019. Now it’s upon you to choose what suits your needs and your pocket.

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