Berkey Water Filter Reviews (Worth It?)

In this post, we’ll provide in-depth Berkey Water Filter Reviews. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best Berkey filter for camping, hiking, or your home read through this article.

Am sure before the end of the article you would have gathered enough information to help you make the crucial buying decision.

The good thing with Berkey filters is that they remove up to 99.99 % of pathogenic bacteria, parasites cysts, harmful chemicals, and viruses.

In addition, Berkey eliminates toxic pollutants, fluorine, chlorine, and dangerous heavy metals like lead while retaining the beneficial minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.

In summary: Berkey Water Filter Reviews 

Berkey filters don’t rely on electricity to operate, thus, they are extremely useful during camping trips and emergency situations. In my honest opinion, Berkey filters are an excellent choice especially because of their high quality and portability.

They are also the best choice if you live in an apartment or your house is small.

However, some customers complain about their slow water flow rate and the fact that they have to clean it constantly. But, if you need to increase the water flow rate consider adding more filters to speed up the flow.

Common Features in All Berkey Water Filter

In this Berkey Water Filter Reviews, we’ll discuss the different features that make Berkey stand out among the rest. Well, Berkey has a wide range of purification systems and filters.

Before deciding on which one of them is ideal for you need to consider the size of your family and the amount of purified water you’ll need to sustain you comfortable throughout the day.

With that said, let’s have a look at the Berkey Features

Capacity and Size

You need to know that, Berkey water filters are available in different sizes and capacities. Each specific filter has its own water holding capacity and filtration speed.

All Berkey filters use the same method to filter water.  The size of the model determines the number of cartridges required to hasten the filtration process.

So, the larger the model, the more cartridges required. For instance, Crown Berkey requires about 8 cartridges for the filtration process.

Gravity Fed Filter

These filters depend on the force of gravity to push water down. What happens is that, when you add water from the top of the system, it goes down while being filtered.

The gravity provides needed pressure to push the water down. This allows you, to get purified water through the spigot

Portability and No Connections Needed

Berkey water filters don’t need any pipe connections, they are gravity-fed.

Hence, you don’t need to connect it to anything for it to function. As such, it’s highly portable and you can use it anywhere. The filters also don’t occupy much space.

Pathogen Removal

Berkey manufacturers have always aimed to produce water purifications models that can reduce or completely remove pathogens and toxic contaminants while retaining essential and healthful minerals needed by the body.

Berkey water filters are efficient at removing pathogens like parasites, cysts, bacteria, viruses, and many others from the water.

The filters also remove heavy metals like lead and other harmful contaminants. The manufacturer even claims that it has a pathogen removal rate of 100%.

Effective and Durable Filters

All Berkey filter models use one standard filter known as the Black Berkey. This filter is effective at trapping all types of impurities, even those at the submicron level.

This is thanks to the micro-pores on the filters that trap all microscopic elements preventing them from getting into the water.

When removing these unhealthy contaminants from the water, the filters retain beneficial minerals needed by the body. The Berkey filters also reduce arsenic and fluoride levels in the water.

Benefits of Investing in a Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter ensures that you get an uninterrupted supply of clean potable drinking water. This means you save on what you’ll have otherwise spent on bottled water.

The Big Berkey can filter over 6,000 gallons. An average American family consumes about 2 gallons of water in a day. This means the Berkey can deliver water for a long duration without the need for replacement.

Berkey filter is gravity fed as such, you’ll need to put water through the top on its upper chamber. The water will move to the bottom, filtered and ready to drink. On top of that, the installation of these systems is quick and easy.

Types of Berkey Water Filters

There are 7 types of Berkey Water Filters.  They include:

  • Big Berkey
  • GO, Berkey
  • Imperial
  • Berkey Light
  • Royal
  • Travel Berkey
  • Crown

To ensure durability and service for your money, all of these systems except the berkey light feature sturdy stainless steel material.

Further, the bigger models can use more filters to speed up the filtration process and water flow rate. However, if you don’t have a high water demand, you can close all unused holes using the blocking plugs.

Let’s Look at Each of the Model in Detail

Big Berkey Water Filter Review

The Big berkey is the most popular among the rest of the other systems. It holds 2.25 gallons of water. This a huge water holding capacity, if you compare it to others in the same category.

Further, the Big Berkey is a perfect choice for people who reside in apartments or those with smaller homes.  This model can deliver about 7 gallons/hour of clean water.

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The Big Berkey Filter guarantees you all your drinking water needs. It’s a model that you’d use over the long-term and comes at a reasonable price.

Most users are pleased with its efficiency and high performance. In addition, these high-performing filters remove bacteria, parasites, and cysts.

They also remove toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, and many other harmful chemicals. The filter also removes heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Big Berkey Water Filter Specific Features & Benefits

The Big Berkey has stainless steel housing that guarantees you the system’s durability. It also comes with two Fluoride Elements and two Black Berkey Filters.

The Black Berkey filter removes 100% of pathogens qualifying it as an effective water purifier as opposed to just a simple filter. On the other hand, fluoride filters reduce 95% of fluoride in water.

One fluoride filter can deliver about 1,000 gallons while each Black Berkey filter can purify about 3,000 gallons before any replacements.

The Big Berkey is a gravity filter, thus doesn’t need any plumbing connection to function. Its installation is also simple. Check out this video on how to install the Big Berkey Water Filter

GO Berkey Review

One of the smallest models in the Berkey line is the GO Berkey.  This filter is a perfect choice for those who love portable water purifiers like bikers or hikers.

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This model is small, hence can fit perfectly on your backpack or travel bag. Its size shouldn’t worry you, as it’s capable of cleaning any contaminated water, even from streams.

The  GO Berkey is also an excellent choice for physical activities like running or during emergency situations where the need for clean water is an urgent concern.

This on-the-go microfiltration model features an effective Black Berkey filter that purifies contaminated water. The filter system also comes with a BPA-free sports bottle that’s lightweight and highly portable ideal for use during long hikes or exercise. This purification filter features stainless steel material to ensure its durability.

Imperial Berkey Review

If your household is large, you might want to consider a water purification system that has a high holding capacity like the Imperial Berkey.

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This Berkey can hold up to 4.5 gallons of clean water and can filter 5.5 gallons/hour using the two filters.

The model is made with stainless material to guarantee its durability and longer lifespan.

The Imperial Berkey comes with two Black Berkey filters, but you can add more filters to increase the water flow rate of the system.

Berkey Light Review

The Berkey Light purifies about 4 gallons/hour and has a water holding capacity of 2.75 gallons. This model can generate sufficient water for 10-20 people.

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The Berkey light features two useful filters; the Black Filter and the Fluoride Filter. The two Black filters can deliver about 6,000 gallons; each of the filters will generate 3000 gallons.

The fluoride filter, on the other hand, can generate about 1000 gallons.

This purification system is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. It’s made with plastic and it’s an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Just its name suggests, this filter is light but durable. It’s a transparent container, so you can easily check and determine whether you need to add more water.

Royal Berkey Review

The Royal Berkey has a capacity of 3.25 gallons. Hence, it can purify water for up to 4 four people per day. If you want a higher flow rate just add 4 more filters and you would be good to go.

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The Royal Berkey features Black Berkey filters that offer superior water purification. These filters remove over 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. They also remove inorganic minerals, cryptosporidium, giardia, and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Furthermore, the Royal Berkey is durable. Two Black Berkey filters can generate about 6,000 gallons without any replacement. If you want to increase the water flow rate of your system, add more filters.

The Berkey filters give you the confidence to drink from any water source. You don’t need electricity, plumbing, or complicated tools to operate the system. The Berkey gravity-fed purification system allows you to enjoy great-tasting and safe water.

The Royal Berkey is designed with polished steel and it can deliver about 8 gallons of clean and delicious water within an hour.

If you have a large household, the Royal Berkey is your best bet. It’s portable and has PF-2 filters.  The PF-2 filters are effective at reducing fluoride levels in the water.

Travel Berkey Review

The Travel Berkey is a perfect component while going camping or just traveling. It’s highly portable and lightweight and will deliver safe drinking water for a maximum of 4 people.

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This filter has a water holding capacity of 1.5 gallons and can purify about 2 gallons/hour.

The Travel Berkey features 2 Black Berkey elements that can deliver about 6000 gallons. It also features 2 PF2 elements that aid in fluoride removal.

Crown Berkey Review

The Crown Berkey is the biggest model among all other Berkey models. It has water carrying capacity of about 6 gallons and can serve approximately 150 people.

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The Crown features 8 Black Berkey filters and can generate a water flow rate of 6.5 gallons/hour.

Further, it features stainless steel material for durability. It’s also flexible since you can start with one or two Black Berkey filters and expand later when water needs have increased.

Why Choose Berkey Water Filter?

Well, Berkey has been for a long time producing some of the best gravity-fed countertop water filters.

Most users are pleased with the filter’s high performance and effectiveness in water filtration and purification. We highly recommend this filter because of the following:


You’ll notice that almost all Berkey filters are lightweight and easily portable.

This means you get to drink purified water all the time eliminating the need of using bottled water.

High Filtration Quality

Berkey features two main filters in all their systems; the Black Berkey filter and PF2 Filters. The Black Berkey can remove over 99% of harmful contaminants including heavy metals like lead.

The PF2 Filters remove fluoride from the water. With this filtration process, you’re assured of clean and great tasting water.

Low Maintenance

All Berkey filters are low maintenance. You don’t need to change the filters frequently.  For example, you can use the black filters for many years without the need for replacement.

However, after some years of use, you can notice a reduction in the water flow rate. You need to clean the filter, but if the issue persists, it’s an indication that you need to replace them.


We hope that this Berkey water filter review has answered most of your questions regarding Berkey systems. However, if you still feel Berkey is not ideal for you, we recommend countertop water filters.

Check this article for some of the best countertop water filters. You can also consider whole house water filters, which are also great at removing harmful contaminants.

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