ABC waters 5600sxt Fleck Review (Is it A Scam?)

Today we’ll talk about the ABC waters 5600sxt Fleck Review. The ABC 5600sxt Water Softener and carbon filtration is an exceptional unit and just as the name suggests, this unit is a combination of carbon filter and a softener. Therefore, you can expect high performance, efficiency, and durability of the system.ABC waters 5600sxt Fleck Review

This unit is a 48,000-grain softener, thus, it can serve a small to medium sized family. Once you start using the unit, you’ll immediately notice huge changes in your household. The water will become soft, you’ll note reduced mineral buildup, and an improvement in your water appliances. Compared to other water softeners, Fleck stands out because of its many amazing features.

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Details: ABC waters 5600sxt Fleck Review

This whole house water system has many exceptional features that play amazing roles in treating water to ensure you get soft, clean, and health water. Let’s look at these features.

Carbon Up-Flow Filtration Design

The carbon up flow filtration design offers superior water filtration without need for any backwash. This means, you’ll not need electricity, or drain line, thus, no wastewater is generated. In essence, the 5600sxt Water Softener promotes environmental friendly water filtration; hence, you should expect cleaner, safer, and great-tasting water when using this unit.

Exceptional Carbon Media

The carbon media plays a huge role in eliminating a wide range of water contaminants via absorption.  The carbon filter removes pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, chlorine and chemical odors/tastes

Superior Technology

This unit is a combination of a whole house water softener and up flow carbon filtration. This great combination allows the unit to deliver the best-filtered and softened water available. Further, fleck 5600sxt Digital valve meter controls the system. The fleck technology is the best in the market and it comes at a price. If you’re not tight on your budget, this fleck water softener is a great choice.

Upgraded Cross-Linked Resin

This high capacity-softening unit uses a premium 10 percent cross-linked resin to ensure a longer lifespan. Most customers report that the ABC 5600sxt Water Softener is top quality.

Excellent Flow Rate

This 48,000-grain capacity fleck 5600sxt has a flow rate of 12 GPM and its ideal for a household with 2-5 people.

One major benefit of this system is that it can tell the amount of gallons used and reserve some. This way, you’ll never run out of softened water and you’ll never have to worry about the water tank depleting. The system regenerates automatically after every 2 weeks, but you can set the regeneration time to suit your preference.


The ABC waters 5600sxt has durable filters. The filter removes harmful substances from the water before it goes through the softener. This way, the lifespan of the unit extends. On the other hand, the filter lasts for about 4-6 years without need for any replacement. However, the water hardness should be below 20 GPG. If the hardness level is high, you might need to replace the filter earlier to ensure effectiveness of the softener. This softener is ideal for a household with 2-5 people.

Easy Installation

This water softener comes with an installation kit and a detailed guide that are straightforward, thus make the installation process easy. The package includes bolts, nuts, and all the needed accessories like the hardness test strip, sanitizer packet, silicone lube, and a 4 ft. brine line.

Great Customer Care

One company that has truly mastered how to treat its clients is Fleck. Fleck offers one of the most satisfying and beneficial customer care to all its clients. As a customer, you can call during working hours and you’ll get all the information you need regarding your unit. You may want to know about the installation, how to maintain the unit, its operation or just need an expert to come help you out physically. Fleck experienced customer care will tackle all these issues.

All the installation components have received NSF certification and approval. So, its a confirmation that this unit is of high standard.

Is Fleck Water Softener Worth It?

Yes! Fleck water softener is worth every penny you spend on it.

Fleck brand is one of the largest, well known, and trusted water treatment systems on the market today. The company produces some of the best water softeners units. ABC waters 5600sxt Fleck is no exception. It has all the qualities a great softener should possess.

Fleck produces water softeners units that are:

  • NSF APPROVED AND WQA certified
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install thanks to the straightforward user guide and installation kit
  • Great customer care service
  • Replacement spare parts are easily available in the market

Benefits of Using Fleck Water Softener

Environmental Friendly

Fleck is renowned for producing eco-friendly water softener systems. All fleck brands run using minimal power and they don’t produce wastewater. The company advocates for greener water filtration that results in cleaner, healthy, and safer water. If you’re an environment conscious person, then consider getting a fleck water softener for your home.


Fleck water softener units employ a wide range of water softening technologies including salt free and potassium frees systems. Therefore, if you’re on a restriction diet, you can always choose a system that matches your needs.

Furthermore, if you live in an area where water hardness level is high, consider choosing a fleck water softer. The company has a range brands with different technologies to deal with each level of water hardness. So, for very hard water places, choose a system with an additional iron filters. The company offers over 20 different water softener brands that come with an array of options and features to satisfy every customer water need.

Easy Installation

Fleck water softeners are easy to assemble. In fact, the unit come assembled; you just need to read the user’s manual and do the simple installation. No need of a plumber or extra help. It won’t take much of your time. The good thing is that the package comes with easy to follow instructional videos. However, if you feel overwhelmed, have a plumber install the unit for you.

Easy To Find Spare Parts

Compared to other water softener brands, fleck has easy to find spare parts. If you go online or to any local store you’ll find all the parts you need.

NSF/WQA Certified

These important approval seals show a product has attained the highest level of standard in its field. All fleck products have these certifications and it’s crucial that you purchase accredited products only.

Excellent customer service

Most customers have applauded the exceptional customer care accorded to them by the Fleck customer support team. Most products highly rated and a big chunk of it is because of the great customer care. Customers report that on several occasions, they called and they were satisfied with the response they got. The customer care team is helpful and sympathetic.


  • Superior technology
  • 10 percent cross-linked resin
  • Install kit and straightforward manual
  • Comes with a bypass valve
  • Removes harmful contaminants
  • Automatically regenerates
  • Supportive customer care


  • Expensive, but the unit is worth it


You deserve safe, healthy, and contaminant free water.  The ABC 5600sxt Water Softener and carbon filter removes water contamination, odors, and unpleasant tastes. They ensure access to safe and healthy water at all times.

The ABC waters 5600sxt is ideal for homeowners. As a result, it comes with the best filtration and softening systems to remove water hardness and many contaminants from your water. Water has numerous harmful contaminants and its advisable to invest in one filtration system that would keep you safe.

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